Untitled Goose Game: How to do the Washing


In Untitled Goose Game’s third area, the Back Garden, you can move between the yards of two neighbors, causing chaos and pitting the neighbors against each other. Many of your objectives require you to disrupt things in both gardens, including the task “do the washing.” To check this item off your to-do list, you’ll need to bring two socks, a bra, a bar of soap, and a slipper to the pond in the garden on the right. All of the items except the slipper have to be brought from the garden on the left.

There are a couple of things that make this make finishing this task tricky. You need to untie a string in the fence to knock over a board and get from the right garden to the left, but if the woman in the left garden sees the hole you made, she’ll close it back up, trapping you on her side. On the other hand, if the man in the right garden sees anything you’ve brought over from the other side, he’ll throw it back. To succeed here, you’ll need to keep both of the neighbors distracted or unaware of what you’re doing.

Getting the Bra, Socks, and Soap

The bra and socks you need are in the lower part of the left garden, right next to the section of fence where you enter. That makes them relatively easy to grab if you’re quick and keep the woman busy in the upper half of the garden. You can steal these items and keep them hidden in the lower part of the right garden without the man who lives there noticing as long as you put them far enough down and to the right. There’s also a bench near the pond, which you can hide them under.

Grabbing the soap is the toughest part of this task, as it’s sitting on the bathtub in the upper part of the left garden. If the woman spots you stealing it, she’ll take it back, but if you wait for her to move to the bottom of the garden, she’ll close the hole in the fence, trapping you inside. To keep either of those things from happening, you’ll need to cause enough chaos to keep the woman distracted, then grab the soap and dash away when she’s not looking. The best way to do that is to pull a few of her statues around, then ring the giant bell in the top right corner. You’ll have enough time to grab the soap and run around to the left while she’s fixing the bell, and the rest of the mess you made will keep her busy as you make your escape.

Do the Washing

Once you’ve got everything you need from the left garden, head back to the right and drop it all in the pond. Then, hide from the man behind the hedge directly in front of where he sits reading the paper. When he starts reading, quickly walk to him and grab his slipper, then drop it into the pond with everything else to mark “do the washing” off your list.