Untitled Goose Game: How to Complete All Tasks in the Model Village


When you’re reaching the end of the game in Untitled Goose Game, you’re going to find yourself in a small model village. You’re likely going to instantly recognize the village because it’s the layout of the area you’ve been terrorizing for the past few hours as a curious goose. It’s time to mess up and cause trouble in the replica location after having damaged the real one.

How to Complete All Tasks in the Model Village in Untitled Goose Game

The main task of this area is to retrieve the golden bell at the top of the castle. You’re going to find it at the end of the village. While there are only two tasks in this area, you’re going to find the second objective quite daunting.

Steal the Beautiful Miniature Golden Bell

When you’re at the castle, all you need to do is start attacking the castle with your beak. You’re going to chip at the bricks at a steady rate until you eventually case a good chunk of the castle to collapse. When it does, the bell at the top is going to fall to the ground. Pick it up, and you’re going to bring it with you out the Model Village.

Take It All The Way Back Home

With the golden bell in your beak, you need to return the bell to the start of the game. You may this is going to be an easy task because you’ve opened up short cuts all over the map. However, these short cuts are now locked. You’re going to have to carefully traverse back through the real village to return to the area where you started.

The big catch to this final race is the fact the bell is consistently ringing. Everyone is going to hear you moving in their direction, so you have to be a little sneaky to bypass these areas. You can run straight through the pub, and when you exit the area continue going down, taking the path over the pond to the well. To make sure you get away from the pub owner and the delivery person, crouch your head to go under the small pole rather than going around it. Doing so is going to save you a bit of time, forcing the pub owner and delivery person to go around. You’ll lose sight of them when you return to the well.

When you reenter the back garden area, you’re going to go into the woman’s section of the yard. Before going into her yard, place the bell outside of the gate and destroy her desk. She’s put it back together, so destroy it now, and then return with the bell. You’re going to want to stick to the left side of the yard, avoiding her as you go over the fence into the man’s yard. You need to make it to the other side of the man’s yard, and luring him around the area might get a little tricky. Force him to go to one side of the bush. When he does, dash around the opposite side to the back end of the yard. You’re going to be safe in the small alley area, on the other side of his fence.

In the High Street portion, keep to the right and then rush down the street to the gardener’s fence. You only have the television clerk and the boy to deal with in this section. The television clerk is going to chase you the most, but the boy should give up after a short time. If you stick to the bottom of the area, you should avoid the shopkeeper patrolling her shop.

When you reach the final area, in the garden where you first began, you’re going to see the gardener diligently blocking the path out. Rather than take him head-on, proceed to the left side of the garden where the wooden box is leaning against some hedges. Place the bell down, pull the box away, and you’re going to see a small hole in the hedges you can go through. Grab the bell and go through. The final thing you need to do is cross the river and go back through the tutorial area. Go all the way through until you reach the pit of golden bells, and drop it.

The Model Village was the final area in the game, and you have now completed the Untitled Goose Game. If the golden bell gets stolen from you by any of the people during your mad dash through the game, approach the person who has it and take it back. They won’t put up too much of a fight while you escape.