Does Untitled Goose Game have Multiplayer?


When you’re playing Untitled Goose Game, you’re going to run around town completing numerous tasks where you’re causing mischief to the local villagers. They’re going to get fed up with your antics quickly. However, do you have the capacity to create even more trouble by bringing in a friend? Can you play Untitled Goose Game with a friend, and bring two Geese into the game?

Does Untitled Goose Game have Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, you’re going to learn exceptionally quickly that Untitled Goose Game does not have any multiplayer functions in the game. You cannot play the game with a friend. You’d find yourself burning the village down to the ground if you were to have that much trouble in a single game. The power of two Geese would prove too much for the locals, and they’d all have to move somewhere else.

The developers, House House, have not discussed or made any mentions about adding one in the future. Additionally, they have made no further comments on if they’re planning to bring Untitled Goose Game to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Steam. The Nintendo Switch and the Epic Games Store are more than capable of handling a form of multiplayer, but the concept for the game and the developers’ drive to do so may not be there.

However, one way people can multiplayer is by having players face off each other and exchanging times to see who can complete an area the fastest. You’re going to find you and friends competing for the top times, attempting to cause a young boy to trip and drop his glasses or frustrating a burly guard man at the front of a pub.

There’s an opportunity there, but nothing official. Regardless, players should enjoy the game and the time they have on it. It’s a honking good time.