Untitled Goose Game: How to Trap the Boy in the Phonebooth


A task you’re going to need to complete in the high streets is getting the Goose to trap the young boy in a phonebooth in Untitled Goose Game. The task is going to require you have to chase the young boy towards a particular portion of the map, right in the middle of the high streets. You can also complete another task shortly after trapping the boy inside.

How to Trap the Boy in the Phonebooth in Untitled Goose Game

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to locate the young boy in high streets. He’s going to be playing with his ball somewhere, or with his blue plane. When you find him, honk or flap your wings at him. You want to be standing opposite of the red phone booth in the middle of the square. It’s right between the two buildings in the corner of high streets.

You want to chase him over to there to the phone booth. When he gets to it, he’s going to jump inside and make a phone call. It’s going to be the television shop owner in one of the shops. You’re going to see him approach the window and pick up the phone inside of his store.

When the young boy gets trapped in the phone booth, you get a reward for locking him in the phone booth. That’s a checkmark off your list.

You can continue to the next, which is prompted by trapping the young boy in the phonebooth. He’s going to find it nearly impossible to leave his current situation, and he’s going to need some assistance. He’s going to call the television store owner to urge you away and get him out. When the television store opens, rush inside to get yourself on television. You’re going to complete an achievement this portion, too.

You’re that much closer to making it to the next area, the back gardens. There you’re going to find a man and a woman living next to each other, and their day is about to get ruined by a particular Goose.