Is Untitled Goose Game Coming to PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One?


The Untitled Goose Game is a weird, joyous game about being a Goose and terrorizing locals. You have a checklist you need to complete in each area, finding ways to annoy the residents and mess up their daily routine. You’re happy to do so because you’re a giddy Goose who loves to honk and flap their wings. It’s out right now for the Nintendo Switch and on the PC from the Epic Games Store. However, can PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Steam users expect to play the game in the future?

Will PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Steam get Untitled Goose Game?

At the time of this writing, we do not have any announcements or expectations from the developers, House House, on expanding the game to other platforms. The team doesn’t seem keen on doing so or quite eager to immediately jump into that field, given their FAQ page on their website. If you visit it, they have a section right at the top informing anyone who visits their website where they can get the game. Immediately under it, they have a section that reads, “We have no announcements about additional platforms at this time.”

While this is not a definite answer that’s going to last forever, we’re likely going to need to wait for few weeks following Untitled Goose Game’s launch. House House may want to hold off expanding to other platforms because they want to see how their title does on specific pieces of the market. It may take longer for Steam, though, because House House could have an exclusive contract with the Epic Games Store with an expiration date of how long it remains exclusive.

For now, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players are going to need to wait for their time to become a Goose. If they have a friend who has a Nintendo Switch, or an Epic Games Store account, they can hop on there and give it a try. Steam users only need to make an Epic Games Store account to start playing, right now.