Untitled Goose Game: How to Get Thrown Over the Fence


In the later stages of Untitled Goose Game, you’re going to need to be a little creative to complete the entire To-do (As Well) checklist. A task you might find difficulty with is getting thrown over a fence. Most of the NPCs usually find your annoying, and shoo you away. But rarely do they physically handle you. Here’s how you solve the task and continue to the rest of the list.

How To Get Thrown Over the Fence in Untitled Goose Game

If you remember how you initially got into the pub section of the game, that’s a huge clue of how you get thrown over the fence. To complete this task, you’re going to need help from your white and purple cardboard box. It’s the key to proceeding forward. You should find it sitting outside of the pub, where you always locate it. Grab it and drag it with you to the previous location before this one, the back gardens area with the woman and the man in their respective yards.

When you arrive at the back gardens, keep the box outside of the woman’s yard and make sure her desk gets broken. You’re going to need to turn it into a ramp. When you bring it down, drag the cardboard box through her yard and take it into the man’s area.

Now, you need to position yourself, so the man does not see you getting the box. It works like if the delivery person sees you getting in the box before you sneaking you into the pub. So, make sure you don’t get seen climbing inside. When you’re safely inside, honk once or twice to get the man’s attention. He’s going to walk over and look confused about the box. Because this guy can’t be bothered figuring out who owns the box, he assumes it’s the woman’s and tosses it into her yard.

You’re taking elements from two areas, and combining them. You’re going to bring the cardboard box over the back gardens, and then you’re going to get thrown over the fence of the man. When you land in the woman’s yard, you’ll have completed the task.