Untitled Goose Game: How to Complete All To-do (As Well) Tasks


When you complete your first playthrough of Untitled Goose Game, you’re going to find yourself with a new variety of tasks to keep busy. These tasks are significantly harder than the ones you did to reach the golden bell at the end of your initial game. You’re going to find yourself having to use your cunning goose skills to disrupt the happy lives of these content villages. Here’s how you do it.

How to Complete All To-do (As Well) Tasks in Untitled Goose Game

Cabbage Picnic

Among the tasks on the list, you’re going to find this one of the simpler ones. Much like the first series of tasks you had in the garden, you’re going to roll one of the groundkeeper’s cabbages to the picnic blanket at the corner of the lake. You may want to distract the groundskeeper before doing so.

Catch an Object As It’s Thrown over the Fence

You’re going to complete this one in the back garden area with the man and the woman in their yards. First, you need to go to the woman’s yard, stealing it and take it over the man’s side. From there, rush back over to the woman’s and wait for the man to notice. When he does, line yourself up to where he’s going to stand and toss the item over. Attempt to catch the thing with your beak before it hits and the ground, and you’ll complete this task.

Collect Five Flowers

You’re going to need to gather up five different flowers in the game. They can’t be the same ones, so you have to spend time in each of the different areas. To make your life easier, locate a basket and take it to the center of the village where the well resides. From there, you can venture to the separate areas of the game and place the individual flowers inside the basket. When you have five different flowers, one from each location, you’ll complete this task.

Dress Up the Bust with Things From Outside the Back Gardens

You’re going to need to spread your for this task and locate wearable items you can steal off other occupants of the village to take to the back gardens to put on the bust. One of the more obvious items you can grab is the glasses worn by the boy. To steal them, pull at his shoes and have him fall to the ground. Grab them, and bring to the woman’s backyard and place in front of the bust. Another item you can grab is the toothbrush, which is also in the same area as the boy with glasses. It’s significantly easier to catch. The final item is the woolen hat worn by the old man at the pub.

Stealing the old man’s hat from the pub is a task all by itself, so scroll down to the bottom to learn how to grab it.

Get Thrown over the Fence

This task is a bit tricky. Remember the box you first used to get inside of the pub? Now, you’re going to have to use it in the man’s yard in the back gardens. Drag it over there, and place it in a location he’s going to see it. When he’s not watching you, get inside of the box and then wait for him to notice it. You may want to “honk,” a little bit to get his attention. When he does see you, he’s going to toss you into the woman’s garden.

Lock the Groundskeeper Out of the Garden

Here’s a cruel task for the coldest geese out there. You’re going to steal the Groundskeeper’s keys from his side and then lure him out of the garden. Grabbing his key is your first task. Get these as quietly as possible. You can choose to distract him by stealing something else or waiting until he’s occupied with one of his chores in the garden. When you have them, sneakily place them away where he’s not going to find them. From there, you need to lure him out of the garden. The radio, thermos, or any of his vegetables is going to work to get his attention. Lure him out of the garden, and drop the item a reasonable distance from the entrance. Rush back into the garden and close the gate behind yourself, locking him out.

Make Someone Outside of High Street Buy Back their Stuff

The one person you can make go to the high street is the groundskeeper from the gardens. Grab one of his prized tools from his garden and lure him back to the shopkeeper on the high street. Much like the boy when you placed his plane there, put your chosen item on one of the counters, and run away. When the groundskeeper catches up, he’s going to have to pay to grab his possession from the shopkeeper.

Make the Shop Scales go ‘Ding.’

Find the scales in the high street shops, and you’re going to want to put three different items in them. Before you do that, make your life easier and lure the shopkeeper into the garage. This way, she won’t be able to stop you from placing your ideal items on the scale when she gets locked inside. You’ll want to make them small, so pick up items like the pipe from the man’s yard, the boy’s glasses, the toothbrush, or even the doll from the shopkeeper’s toy counter.

Open an Umbrella Inside the Television Shop

Before you lure the boy into the phone booth, you’re going to want to grab the umbrella and get it into position by the entrance. When you’re ready, scare the boy into the phone booth and wait for the television shop keeper to open the door. Now, rush in with the umbrella and open it up.

Perform at the Pub Wearing a Ribbon

Similar to the first time you put the ribbon on while you were in the back gardens, you’re going to need to trick the woman into placing the ribbon on you. With it on, go to the bar and perform for the two women at the table. After you do your full show for them and receive the flower, you’re going to complete this task.

Sail the Toy Boat Under a Bridge

All you had to do was steal the toy boat from the sink when you first visited the pub. Now, you need to take it with you to the river. Much like last time, wait until for the water to rise in the sink after turning it off, and then take it out of the pub. You may have to scram past the pub woman, or she could take it from it. Go out the pub entrance and jump into the water. Let go of the boat when you’re north of the bridge, and wait for it sail under it. The boat should go down the river, giving you a checkmark for the task.

Steal the Old Man’s Woolen Hat

You’re going to need the old man’s hat for one of the other tasks in this list, to “Dress Up the Bust with Things From Outside the Back Gardens.” You may not have noticed it, but when the old man falls over when you pull the chair out from under him, he’s going to lose his hat. So, you’re going to have to repeat this challenge. When the old man is about to sit down on his stool to play his harmonica, pull it out from under him, and then grab the hat before he can stand up. Take it over to the bust, and you should finish that challenge, shortly after.

Trap the Boy in the Garage

You’re going to find this a similar task when you first did it to the shopkeeper. You can use the airplane or the soccer ball to get the boy inside of it. He’s not going to go in there if you scare him, so you’re going to need these items. When you lure him inside, shut the door, and he should get locked inside of it for a time. You’ll want to do this after you open the umbrella inside of the television shop because you need the boy’s help to lure the television shop owner out.

Trip the Boy in the Puddle

Much like when you steal the boy’s glasses, you need to trip him in a puddle. Chase him over to the puddle and aim for his feet while he’s in it. He should fall when you go for his shoes, splashing in the water, soaked.