Do You Use The Single or Double-bladed Lightsaber in Jedi: Fallen Order


During Cal’s journey, he rebuilds his old master’s lightsaber in Jedi: Fallen Order, giving him access to a double-bladed lightsaber. You can quickly switch between the two stances, giving you a different approach to combat. Both of the saber styles have their uses, and understanding them is essential to survive the game successfully.

For those still early in the game, here’s how you grab the double-bladed lightsaber first in the game.

The lightsaber you ignite depends on the situation. Are you surrounded by multiple stormtroopers or enemies, gunning for you? You better have your double-bladed saber out and ready to go. Your attacks won’t deal nearly as much damage as your single blade, but you hit several more enemies at once. Doing so helps clear out the numbers, giving you a better advantage to narrow down the group. Plus, if you can hit multiple enemies, you’re preventing them from attacking or doing anything to you.

Now, when you’re down to a single target, you want to hold back and return to a single blade. You can do significantly more damage to the single target with your blade. You don’t need to worry about wildly hitting around Cal, and you’re not focused on speed. You want your hits to count every time you swing your blade, and the single saber does it.

Quickly switching between the two styles is vital, too. When you want to pull out the double-blade, you need to hit the right button on the directional pad, and to return to a single blade, you have to hit left on the D-pad. You have not to be swinging your blade to switch between the two and make sure you’re a decent distance away from your targets before changing.

When you’re fighting a boss, you certainly want to have the single blade out for a good majority of the encounter. A decent strategy, if you can pull it off, is to stagger the target with a parry, and then unleash several timed blows with the double-blade, and right before their block meter goes down, switch to the single to do the most damage when they stagger. While they stagger back, they’re vulnerable for you to damage them, and the double-blade did a majority of the work to chip away at their block meter.