Valorant: ‘Could Not Enter Matchmaking’ Error Fix

The Valorant servers are experiencing problems when you see the Could Not Enter Matchmaking, and this guide shares how to fix this problem.

Image via Riot Games

Valorant is an online competitive game where you’ll have to keep a constant connection to the online servers to make sure you’re playing. This connection can be disrupted, and there might be some problems preventing you from getting into the game. When one of the more common issues happens, you’ll receive an error that says, “Could Not Enter Matchmaking.”

If you’re experiencing this problem, there are a few ways to tackle this issue for Valorant. However, you should expect to remain patient before the error subsides. Here’s what you need to know about the ‘Could Not Enter Matchmaking’ error in Valorant and how to quickly fix it.

What Is The Could Not Enter Matchmaking Error in Valorant?

Valorant Phoenix
Image via Riot Games

When you encounter the Could Not Enter Matchmaking error while playing Valorant, unfortunately, this means that the servers are encountering some issues. The actual problem is with the Riot Servers. Because this is happening with the Riot Servers, there’s little you can do beyond waiting for the servers to return to normal, and waiting for the developers to tackle them.

The best way to check on the Valorant servers is by checking out the Riot Games Server Status page. You can check it out at any time, and change what region you are checking for Valorant, which may vary.

Problems like this can vary from an hour, to several hours, before the problem has been fixed. It all comes down to how bad the problem is, and if this occurred because of a recent patch or if there’s a deeper issue for Valorant players attempting to connect to the servers.

However, if the Riot Games Server Status page does show that the servers are working with the developers, it might boil down to your internet connection. You may need to unplug your router, wait for it to reboot, and see if there’s any way to reconnect to your Valorant game. We always double-check if other online games are also experiencing these issues, or if it’s only Valorant.

After the issue has been resolved, expect to see the Valorant servers back online for everyone to return to the game. The Riot team will update their server page to share when this has occurred.