Valorant Error Code 0 explained

The solution is a bit annoying and time-consuming.


Riot’s first-person competitive shooter, Valorant, has several error codes you may encounter while playing the game. A notable one that players have had trouble with is error code 0. Unfortunately, Valorant players and those in the community have had it occur multiple times, and dealing with it does not have a clear solution. Some of the best methods include attempting to restart the application, your computer, and then trying to reinstall Valorant.

When the error happens, your first option will always be to restart the game. You can do this by automatically closing Valorant from the main menu or by forcing it to close through your task manager. After the game completes its cycle, feel free to try and load it up again to play any Valorant games, although you may run into this error code several times. Your next best choice is to try and restart your computer and spend some time away from the game before returning it.

Should all else fail, the final solution many in the Valorant community have discovered to solve this issue is by uninstalling the game and returning to Riot’s website to redownload it. It’s the ideal approach to need to solve an error code, but Riot’s support team has yet to dispatch a formal method to handle it, and some who do reinstall the game continues to have problems with it. For now, the reinstalling Valorant appears to be the only way to handle whatever issues are causing it.