Valorant purchase failed error – everything we know

Consumption issues.


Image via Riot Games

Valorant, Riot’s competitive tactical shooter, pits teams of five players against each other as they try to attack or defend bomb sites. The mildly hero-based shooter puts a strong focus on weapons, and as you would suspect from a free-to-play game, it has an ample selection of skins that you can drop some real-world money on.

If you have been trying to buy something from the shop, such as Valorant Points that allow you to buy skins in the game, but keep getting a “purchase failed error,” then there is unfortunately not much you can do to resolve the issue from your end. Valorant will occasionally have issues with the shop servers, and it just will not correctly process your purchase requests.

For Valorant, restarting the client can be a magic fix for most problems, but it may not fix this one for you, and any shop instability will need to be fixed by Riot. It is advisable to submit a support ticket with Valorant Support if the issue has been going on for some time.

The good news is that a failed purchase will not cause your Valorant Points, the game’s premium currency, to disappear, so there should be no cause for concern there.

Issues like this normally don’t hang around for long, as Riot can be pretty quick to get problems that affect the store resolved, so hopefully, you will not have to deal with it for too long.