Valorant Terms Guide: Lingo to learn for Valorant players

Expand on your Valorant vocabulary.

Image via Riot Games

Many games, especially ones that feature online multiplayer, have lingo that players use when communicating with each other, and Valorant is no exception. There are many terms that players use that may confuse anyone new to the game. If you’re new to Valorant, then you will want to learn all the terms the community uses.

  • Ace: When a player kills all five enemy players, they get an Ace. If you see a teammate getting multiple kills, it’s common courtesy to let them get the rest so they can achieve an Ace.
  • ADS: Abbreviation for aiming down sights.
  • Aggro: A term used for a player that will attract the enemy team’s attention, making them focus on that one player. This is so the rest of the team can either focus on planting the Spike if they’re on the Attack or kill the distract enemy players.
  • Bomb: This is another term for the Spike.
  • Bunnyhop/B-hop: An advance movement technique where you jump while moving your mouse left or right and pressing W, A, S, or D at the same time.
  • Buy: Refers to when your teammates are buying guns. There are a few more terms, such as Full-buy, which is when your team is able to purchase items and become fully equipped. Force buy is when your team is forced to buy items. Then, you have half-buy, which is when your team can afford some items but not enough to have a full set-up.
  • Callout: Telling your teammates the exact location of an enemy
  • Camp: To stay in one area down for a long time. You’ll sometimes see players do this when they’re playing defense.
  • Cubby: A part of the map with a deep corner from where you can peek out. This is an excellent hiding spot that players will use a lot.
  • Dink/Gooshed: A headshot. Sometimes
  • Drop: When a teammate buys someone else a gun.
  • Eco/Eco Round: When your teammates decide to save their credits so they can purchase items in the next round.
  • Feeding: This term is used for a player who is going towards enemies without a plan and getting killed repeatedly.
  • Flank: When a player attacks an enemy player from behind.
  • Flash: A nickname for flashbang.
  • Flick: To move your crosshairs to shoot and kill an enemy
  • Frag: A kill.
  • GH – An abbreviation that means good half.
  • Heaven/Hell: This is used to describe a map where there are high enough elevations for long-ranged weapons to be used effectively
  • Hip: Shooting someone with aiming them down with your sights.
  • Lurk: To position and catch anyone who might flank the team.
  • Play slow: To play passively. Teams typically do this when they’re behind.
  • Peek: To look around a corner to try and spot any enemies.
  • Pick: To safely pick off an enemy who is by themselves.
  • Rez: Resurrection. You’ll often hear teammates ask someone playing Sage to use her ultimate ability to resurrect them.
  • Rotate: Moving across the map.
  • Rush: To overwhelm the enemy team by quickly running in on them.
  • Spawn: Where you or other players start on a map.
  • Stack: To have multiple teammates focus on an area, let it be attacking or defending that location.
  • Trade: When a player dies, but their teammate kills the enemy that killed them.
  • Utility: Refers to a character’s abilities. When all your skills are on cooldown, you’ll sometimes hear a teammate say, “I’m out of utility.”
  • Wallbang: To get a kill by shooting through a wall.