How to get experience points and level up quick in Vampyr

For you to earn experience points in Vampyr you will have to do certain tasks. By Earning experience points you can upgrade your skills. Upgrading skills will help you maintain your life as a vampire. It will require you to make hard decisions affecting the lives of other people. We will now show you how to get Experience points and also help you level up in Vampyr.

How to get experience points

How to get Experience Points

Suck other people’s blood

One of the main ways for to earn XP is by sucking other people’s blood. Because this being a vampire game, drinking other character’s makes you stronger. Doing this also kills the person, mainly a citizen which can have an effect on the game later on. Make sure that you kill a citizen that is worth taking their blood. Look at the citizen menu display for Blood Quality of that person. Killing a member can cause can problems in a district. So first consider losing them as a character is worth the XP.

Learn more about a citizen, by doing this you will discover hints that can boost the amount of experience for sucking their blood. Learning about the citizen will also erase the thought of killing them.

Do Quests

Completing quests will earn you XP. Completing the main story and completing local investigations will award you with some XP. Just completing missions will earn you small amounts of experience points, which will not be enough to level up.

The fastest way of getting experience is by doing both, that is completing missions and progressing through the game and also sucking blood from the citizens. Be careful who you choose to kill and how you go about handling situations this will, in turn, will decide the stability in London at the end of the game.

That is how you earn experience points in Vampire. Since Experience points will help upgrade skills head over to our how to Unlock and Upgrade skills guide and check out our other Vampyr Guides.