How To Defeat Sewer Beast In Vampyr – Boss Fight Tips

You will face one of the toughest bosses in Vampyr in the second chapter Whitecoat while playing the main quest A Rat in the Hospital. In this quest, you will have to investigate Nurse Crane which will lead you to follow some thugs in the sewer area. You will encounter the beast in the area which looks like a werewolf. It is the first tough boss you will face in Vampyr and by reading the below tips you can kill it easily.

Kill Sewer Beast

How To Kill Sewer Beast

The Sewer Beast is pretty fast in his attacks, so first, you have to keep in your mind is move left or right the opposite of his attack direction to dodge successfully. He will also dash towards you which is not so tough to understand. So first thing you have to wait for the beast to attack you so that you can learn his movements. This will help you to easily dodge away towards a safe distance.

Check your stamina bar once, if it is full walk towards the beast and start attacking. The beast will move away after its first attack and then it will wait for a while for a second attack. So you have to use the time window to release some strong attack that can cause the highest damage.

After dodging the attacks you will be able to easily identify the move of the beast, you can try walking towards the backside and attack whenever you get a chance. Keep a close watch on the stamina bar, if it is low it is safe to play defensive. Don’t go near or in few blows, the beast can kill you. Walking will slowly refill your stamina bar, so once you have enough plan your attack. Just keep walking around in a circle.

One more important thing you have to watch out is the stun attack by the beast. He will stun you first and then attack you, so this is like a combo attack. If you are stun you can face multiple hits that can either draw your health to the lowest or kill you. The first thing to do is get away from him before he lands a stun on you. You can perform a 3-hit combo, get back, let the beast attack and then repeat.

Focus on pushing the beast in the center of the area, so that you get enough space to move in a circle around and in this way you have ample of good space to dodge. Avoid getting into the corner.

You can try out one more way to take down the beast easily for which you will need a Long Surgical Knife (+5 Blood Absorption), activate and upgrade Claw and Preferable Coagulate ability. Just wait for the beast to attack and then dodge. Next attack with the surgical knife and try hitting in two or four combos and finish it with a claw attack. Repeat this process and you will be able to take down the beast.

Do share your tactics on killing this beast in the comment section below. For similar guide and updates on the game, you can read our Vampyr Wiki guide.