Vampyr Chapter 1 Walkthrough – Quarantine

After finishing the Prologue mission in this chapter Quarantine you will play two main quests, they are Eternal Thirst and Take Me To Hospital. You will also unlock Vampire Senses that will help you to find blood trails and path. In this part of the game, you will face the first boss type enemy William.

Quarantine Walkthrough

Quarantine Mission

After waking up you will see the first main mission of this chapter Eternal Thirst. In this mission, you will have to locate and confront the vampire you created you.

Eternal Thirst

Go downstairs and cross the door from where you entered. On the right, you will see a open door, cross that and use the dodge ability. This will teleport you from one location to another instantly and it is also faster than running.

Quarantine Walkthrough

You can use the Vampiric senses to locate citizens and path around. Go down and from the dead body below pick Off-Hand Weapon. These weapons come with attacks with special effects. On using them these weapons consume stamina. So now you have to weapons one is the machete and second is the stick. Go out from the door on left and kill a citizen on the extreme right end of the area. Suck the blood to activate BLOOD for vampire skills. Next jump down, there will be 4 vampire hunters with guns and torches. Check the bodies for collectibles, next walk straight and you will see a truck on the right there are stairs that will lead you to Southwark Bridge. Go up, you will reach a bridge, walk from the left end. Go towards the end and then take another left there is a small passage, that will lead you to the other side of the bridge. Keep moving ahead until you reach the end, you can exit this place from the door on the left end, take stairs down and you are out of the dock. Interact with the dead body ahead for a cutscene.

Quarantine Walkthrough

Once the cutscene is over you can use the senses to track down the blood trails. Go up and walk towards the ally, next to the place where trails end look on the left top. Go up and you will reach a Hideout. You can refill things, and upgrade skills. Next, jump down and keep following the blood and you will reach a bar. Talk to the Bartender. He will tell you about a man on the upstairs. Go upstairs and talk to him. He is Dr. Swansea. After talking to him go back and talk to the Bartender for Hint. He will give you info on the man who came into the bar earlier that night. You can also talk to Sabrina for more hint. Once you are done talking, go out and walk right. At the end turn right and you will reach a boat with a body. Examine Outfit, Wounds, and Boat. The last option after checking everything is Move On. Look on the left you have to dodge to the other side of Canal. Go inside through the door on the left and you will spot a few vampire hunters kill them.

Keep following the blood trails, until you reach a building with a vampire hunter standing near the fire. Go left there is a passage in the corner with burning bodies and few more hunters in it. You will have to keep moving till you locate William Bishop.

William Bishop Boss Fight:

Once the fight begins you will see a huge red bar below followed by a second did. William is not a tough enemy you can use the regular strategies and your vampire powers to bring him down fast. Once done talk to the victim – Sean Hampton. Dr. Swansea will appear in the cutscene. Once it is over, walk towards William and gather blood sample. Scan the area for collectibles and weapons. Talk back to Dr. Swansea he will take you to the hospital from where the next main quest will begin.

Take Me To A Hospital

Enter the hospital, Doctor will be busy with the victim. Ahead you will see Clay killing someone. Talk to him and later you will be introduced to Mesmerise system. You can use this to control a prey, control Clay and you will get a choice to Embrace or Release him. Release him, for the time being, he will be helpful later on once you gather enough hint for him. Return to the stairs and go up. Talk to Crane she is standing near the gate. Go to your room and sleep.

After you get into your bed the chapter is almost over. You can read our walkthrough on the Chapter 2 White Coat or you can also read our Vampyr Wiki guide for more updates on the game.