Vampyr Second Opinion Walkthrough – Defeat Geoffrey McCullum Boss

fter fighting within the last chapter Rising Fever, in this part, Jonathan will be doing a job given to him by Lord Redgrave which will determine whether he will remain in the club or not. Next, he will have to save Dr. Swansea who is kidnapped and in the process, he will face one of the toughest bosses of the game Geoffrey McCullum.

Vampyr Second Opinion Walkthrough

Second Opinion Walkthrough

This chapter has four main quests, Unnatural Selection, Fountain of Life, And by the Sword you Die and Science without Conscience.

Unnatural Selection

Return to the Ascalon Club and find Lord Redgrave. You will have to a discussion about the killing of Doris Fletcher. He will ask you to recruit a new vampire. You will have to find Aloysius Dawson. You have made him into Ekon. Go down and first find Lady Ashbury and talk to her, next you have to find Aloysius Dawson. Follow the marker and you will reach a neighborhood which is looked due to quarantine. You will have to find a way inside and then go left till you reach a gate. You will have to locate stairs that will lead you to the underground sewer. Just keep walking until you reach on the other side of the blockade. In the sewer, you will face easy boss to fight, and there will be a puzzle, where you have to rotate the wheels to unlock a door and to draw a bridge down. You will also have to save the woman.

Fountain Of Life

Exit the sewer and then head to Dawson Mansion. Go inside and you will have to make a decision regard Aloysius Dawson. You have three choices Charm, Embrace and Turn.

  • CHARM – This will be available if you had gathered enough hint about this man. In this, the man will give up the fear of death, and you will see him dying. He will leave his assets and accessories for the hospital, you will be expelled from Ascalon Club. Still, you will have a optional chance to get into the club.
  • TURN – By paying 2000XP, you will transform the man into a vampire. If you he survives the city will not deteriorate much further. This will also please Lord Redgrave.
  • EMBRACE – If you pick this Jonathan will suck Aloysius blood, it will make Lord Redgrave angry and he will expel you from the club.

Pick TURN, and then return to Lord Redgrave and then talk to Old Bridget. She will tell you that the hospital is in danger. Return to Pembroke Hospital.

And by the Sword you Die

At the hospital go to Dr. Swansea’s office and you will find that he is kidnapped. Follow the blood trials and try to locate McCullum. There will be a boss fight.

McCullum Boss Fight:

The most problematic part of this fight is the beam of light, you have to avoid that at all cost. He will use a sword to attack you and he will also turn on the light in between. You have to stay away from the light to avoid health damage. McCullum will not change his position fast, so you can track him down easily. Let him attack first and dodge. The fight will take time, so play slowly. Whenever you have a chance bite him. You cannot attack him if he is standing in the light. He can also resist your attacks. This will be one of the toughest boss fight.

After defeating him you will have two choices, you can either spare him or turn him to a vampire. Spare Him is recommended, because he will meet you later in the game once you have gathered antidote ingredients. But if you choose to Turn Him, still you will meet him later in the game, he will give you blood of King Arthur. Sparing him is recommended, once you do that go to Doris Fletcher’s theater to save Dr. Swansea.

Science Without Conscience

Go in and take McCullum’s report, which is kept on the table in the room where you fought Doris last time. Cross the unlocked door and go down. Talk to Dr. Swansea, once again you will have an important decision. Below are the choices.

  • Let Him Die – If you let him die there will be a crisis at Pembroke Hospital.
  • Turn Him – If you choose to make him a vampire, you will find him in the hospital. But it will affect the district’s health which will fall. You will have to spend 3,000 XP for this.
  • Suck Blood – If you choose this Jonathan will suck Dr. Swansea’s blood which will give you additional XP, but it will also affect the hospital’s health.

The chapter ends which the decision you pick. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Patient Zero, or you can also go through or Vampyr Wiki guide for more updates on the game.