How to Complete West End Investigations – Vampyr

The West End investigation has 7 investigations in Vampyr. On finishing them, you earn XP in the game like other investigations. The Investigations Include a Surprise for the London’s Lone Gourmet, Emily is Missing, They are Among Us, Like Father Like Daughter, Pandora’s Box, Alignment Of Stars and Journey Of the Past. Below are all the solutions to the 7 Investigations for West End.

West End Investigations

West End Investigations Solutions

A Surprise For the London’s Lone Gourmet

First talk to Calhoun Russell. Follow the mission marker to the restaurant. Read the menu outside the restaurant and then go back to Calhoun Russell.

Emily is Missing

Get talking to Charlotte Ashbury. Then go to Crossley apartment by following the Mission Marker. Go up the staircase and jump out the window across the building. When you are in, find a letter and read it. Follow a blood trail all the way to Ekon who will tell you about Emily’s death. Head back and talk to Charlotte. Which then completes the investigation.

They are Among Us

This is a long investigation in Vampyr. To complete it you need to find a few documents that are listed below and where you will find them

  • The Harsey of the Pure Blood – West end inside the building where you find Kimura on the table.
  • The Antique Figure of the Vrykolakas – At Whitechaple inside Petrescu’s House on the table.
  • Fertile is the Belly Of the Beast – When you investigate “Burn After Reading” you get the document.
  • Supremacy Of Ekons – The dock area in the Sewer Found in Harriet Jones room.
  • Rare Species Of Vampires – In Pembroke Hospital at Dr. Swansea’s Office.
  • The Violence Of Vulkods – Defeat Leon Augustin

When you collect all these Documents return back to Clarence and you complete the investigation.

Like Father, Like Daughter

When you are doing the Unnatural Selection quest you’ll hear a woman scream in the sewer. She is held by Ekon. Free her by defeating him, and then by freeing Luise Teaside she goes to the west end and you are done with the Investigation.

Pandora’s Box

The Mission starts by talking to Usher Talltree.

Follow the marker and fight the enemy. Kill him and take the key of the safe. The notebook in which the safe is in the basement in the same building you are in. Collect the book and read it if you want the hint. If you want the weapon in the Pandora’s Box, then don’t read the book and give it to Usher.

Alignments Of Stars

At West End, you will come to a house where Kimura Tadao is locked in. Free him and you complete the Investigation.

Journey to the past

Inside Johnathan’s Room find the first part of the will inside the locked door. The key is next to the door.

There are two more will that need to be found to complete this investigation. Now for the other will go to West End and look for an ally which has a burning barrel for the Second will. Enter Pembroke Hospital on the left behind the curtains there will be another will.

Now place the will in a safe inside a building which is next to the safe house at Southwark District. For more guides and updates on Vampyr, Refer to our Vampyr Wiki Guide.