How To Win Game Without Killing Anyone – Vampyr

In Vampyr you play as Jonathan Reid who is a newly turned vampire. In order to survive ample of time, you will have to kill citizens and drank their blood. This also leads to change in the game ending, there are around 4 different endings that will appear on the basis of the path you pick. You can check out all the Endings in our walkthrough – Patient Zero & Healthy Carrier. There is a way by which you can win the game without killing anyone. Sound’s tough and tiring but it’s possible.

How To Win Without Killing Anyone

Drinking blood in Vampyr is very important when it comes to combat. This will help you to heal fast and use the vampiric abilities. Also, it will help you to Level up, but if you plan to go the hard way then this guide is for you. You can complete the entire game in a gentleman’s way of not killing anyone in your path with the help of some preparations. It is possible to level up and progress ahead and face tougher enemies in your way.

Playing Vampyr without biting anyone is tough, but if you follow the below tips you can progress towards a good ending. You can also earn a trophy Not Even Once if you successfully finished the game without digging your deep into the fellow citizens.


Important Skills – Autophagy Healing Skill & Blood Barrier – Defensive Skill:

The healing skill will be available at the very start of the game when you visit your hideout for the first time. This skill will help your character to auto-heal so keeping it with you will be necessary. It will cost you 600XP on the beginning and then you can upgrade it further by paying 1300XP, 2000XP, 2700XP and 3400XP.

Next thing you will need is Blood Barrier a shield. It is a defensive skill that will help you to protect yourself from enemies attack. The only issue with the skill is that it has a high recharge time. Keep it upgrading to the highest level, it will help you to absorb strong attacks. It will absorb 1 hit in the first and you can block up to 3 after leveling up. You can upgrade it for 600XP, 1300XP, 2000XP, 2700XP and 3400XP.

Carry enough Blood Potions:

If you choose not to bite anyone then it is necessary that you must carry enough Healing potions. The option will keep you alive in the fight. Even if you are facing a boss then you must have enough of these blood potions with you so that you can heal up fast. It is recommended to carry minimum 3 healing and blood options all the time. The options will also help you to overcome damage from fire or poison.

Biting Enemies When They Are Stun:

You can still choose to bite the enemies and monsters in the city. You can do that while fighting. Carry an Off-Hand weapon with you like a stake or mace and upgrade them to the max. With one single hit you can stun the tougher enemies and then you can bite and stun them again. Finally, you have a chance to knock them down.

Upgrade The Claw – Offensive Skill: Best For Melee Combat:

You can unlock the Claw special attack, and keep upgrading it. It is one of the best special attacks you can have in the game. The benefit of using an upgraded Claw attack is it allows you to hit multiple enemies in a single time. And it also does not consume much blood. So once you spot the ability full unleash it to take down the enemy instantly. You can upgrade it for 1000XP, 2000XP, 3000XP, 4500XP and 6000XP.

Shotgun – Best For Long Range Attack

Carrying a strong weapon has its own benefit, you can draw out a high amount of damage that plays a vital role in killing bosses. So here if you have a double-barreled shotgun then you have a ease of killing enemies in few shots. It is important to keep it upgraded to increase it power. With few hits, you can cause high damage. For ammo’s, you will have to visit the merchants.

Spend Time On Investigation:

There are a lot of NPC’s in the game and there can be a long amount of dialogues, but it is sensibly ok to talk with each and every one. The game can take upto 20 hours or more if you have enough patience to investigate each and every NPC. This will help you to earn some XP on a regular basis. So whoever you saw talk. In new era especially you can find a lot of new investigations. Ample of them will give you side-mission that will help you to earn good XP.

Cure Citizens For XP:

Getting as much as XP possible is a very important step if you choose not to kill any citizen. So you have to follow all the paths that can lead you to earning XP’s. By curing NPC’s in the game you will get rewarded with a small amount of XP, around 50. You can do this anytime in the game, through Citizen’s menu you can find sick ones and cure them.

Visit Merchants Regularly:

You can buy parts from merchants to upgrade your weapon and it is always good to visit them regularly. You can buy the handle, tiny handles and triggers. Good quality items will help you to cause higher damage.

By following the above tips you can simply finish the game without killing the citizens. A few more thing can help you is Shadow Veil, a skill that can turn you invisible but it does not work much later in the game. Abyss is another strongest skill you will get in the game, you can keep a follow up its upgrade side by side.

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