All Intrinsics And How To Earn Them In Warframe

Taking control.

Image via Digital Extremes

Intrinsics are a new layer to how you level up in Warframe and build your Tenno. Introduced in the Empyrean update, they affect how you control and interact with your Railjack and the various things you can do with it.

Intrinsics fall into five different categories, although only four are active in the game at the moment.

  • Tactical – opens up various options like the Archwing Cannon, and the ability to teleport.

  • Piloting – how well you can fly the ship, opens up unique movement options.

  • Gunnery – how well you can use the weapons on the ship.

  • Engineering – affects your ability to repair the ship, produce vital resources, etc.

  • Command – details not currently available

You can rank up these abilities with Intrinsic points. You earn these by playing through missions in your Railjack ship. Each time you successfully finish a mission, you earn Intrinsic Points, depending on the difficulty of the task.

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At first, each Intrinsic only costs a single point to upgrade. When you move through each rank, they become more expensive. Even if you don’t have access to a Railjack yet, you can still earn Intrinsics by doing missions and assign them from the main menu in the Profile tab.

1Tactical Mods & Crew Tracking.Engine boost maneuverLead indicators and Ordnance lock enabledFaster repairs with Omni tool.
2Warframe Abilities accessible in Tactical Menu, Crew Chase Camera.Lateral dodges maneuver360 Turret view for Gunners.50% reduction in air support cooldown (i.e Landing craft air support in regular missions).
3Fast Travel within Railjack and send Commands via Tactical menu.25% less damage while boostingArchwing slingshot enabledArchwing slingshot now pierces hull.Ability to craft Ordnance at forge
4Omni gear can be used to Warp aboard the ship.DRIFTArch-melee weapons gain increased range and damage.

Ability to craft dome charges
5Necramechs Become Deployable in all Railjack missions. Vacuum radius increase while boosting/drifting or dodging.
Loot Dungeon Radar: Mark hidden Loot Dungeons while piloting.
Necramech gun damage increases.Ability to craft heals for the Railjack.Increases Forge yield by 25%
6Tactical Mod Energy cost -25%Evasive Pilot – enemy ram sleds have 25% chance to miss and malfunction causing them to explode.Railjack Gun heat -20%Forge cooldowns -25%
7Tactical Mod cooldown -20%Necramech speed +10%Slingshot range +50%, gun overheat time -50%Increases Forge output by another 25%
8Archwing Blink cooldown -25%
+ Necramech summon cooldown -25%
Archwing speed +20%Archwing damage/ strength /range /efficiency +20%Archwing shield/armor/health +30%
9Tactical ability cooldown further -20%Railjack takes 25% less damage while Boosting and collisions do 2000 extra damage(Under Review, may stay the same)Necramech Buffs (25% Health, 25% Shields)
10Warp to crew member on tactical screenRailjack Blink – you can ‘blink’ with Railjack. When you emerge from the jump the Railjack will emit a large radial slow that will slow enemies in an area for an amount of time.Aim snaps turret to lead indicator (lock-on lasts much longer than before, with small added cost to weapon heat)Repair ship damage remotely from tactical screen

The Command Intrinsic

The Command Intrinsic will allow player to recruit Crewmen for their ship from Ticker in Fortuna. She can put you in touch with the right people, for a price. Their price may be determined by your alignment with certain Syndicates – some crew will join you at a discount, and others double the price.

The crewmates will operate the ship when you are flying in squads with less than four players and they can be leveled up to excel at different jobs.