Warframe: All Tusk Ballista Locations

Tusk Ballista on spot.

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The world of Warframe is massive and filled with all kinds of creatures possessing unique attributes. While some of these creatures are fairly easy to deal with, many are tricky and can cause serious damage. One of these creatures/enemies that you will come across is the Tusk Ballista, a variation of the normal Ballista.

These Grineer units are known for their long-range attacks and pose a significant challenge. Furthermore, some tasks will ask you to find Tusk Ballista and take on them. Hence, we’ve put together a guide listing all the locations where you can find Tusk Ballista in Warframe.

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Where to find Tusk Ballista in Warframe

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Fortunately, Tusk Ballistas are pretty easy to find in Warframe. You can find them in the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. That said, here are some specific locations where Tusk Ballistas are a common encounter.

Plains of Eidolon

  • Cetus outskirts – As players venture into the plains from Cetus, they will come across several Grineer encampments and bases. These areas, scattered throughout the plains, are hotspots for Tusk Ballista activity. Expect to encounter Tusk Ballistas stationed in strategic locations, ready to engage from a distance.
  • Grineer camps – Throughout the Plains of Eidolon, players will find Grineer camps that serve as bases of operation for the hostile faction. These camps are heavily guarded and typically include Tusk Ballistas among their defenses. 
  • Tusk encampments – The Grineer specifically establishes tusk encampments to maintain control and exert influence over the Plains of Eidolon. These encampments are highly likely to house Tusk Ballistas, so be prepared for intense confrontations when approaching or infiltrating these areas.

Orb Vallis

  • Grineer bases – Similar to the Plains of Eidolon, the Orb Vallis features Grineer bases and camps scattered across the landscape. Tusk Ballistas are often positioned within these bases to provide covering fire and support to their fellow Grineer troops.
  • Lookout platforms – Tusk Ballistas are known to occupy elevated platforms, acting as sentries and sharpshooters. These platforms offer them an advantageous position to rain down long-range firepower on unsuspecting players. Watch out for these vantage points and plan your approach accordingly.

You’ll mainly need to find Tusk Ballista during the Riven challenges. These creatures are long-range experts, so be prepared beforehand for a shoot-out from a distance or simply engage in close-quarter combat for better results.