Warframe: How to Get the Amalgam Organ Shatter Mod

Power up your offense.

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In order to progress smoothly in Warframe, you need to utilize all the available resources, including mods. They are essential for customizing and enhancing the performance of Warframes, weapons, and gear. Furthermore, using mods enables players to tailor their gameplay, boost damage output, adapt to enemy factions, optimize resources, and synergize with team members. One of these mods is the Amalgam Organ Shatter, which can severely boost your damage output. If you are interested in acquiring the Amalgam Organ Shatter Mod in Warframe, refer to the guide below.

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Obtaining Amalgam Organ Shatter Mod in Warframe

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To acquire Amalgam Organ Shatter Mod, you need to take part in the Thermia Fractures World State Event, which occurs once every few weeks. For those who are unaware, the event occurs in Orb Vallis, Venus, where the landscape is littered with Thermia fractures, which a player can seal for rewards.

To get started with the event, you need a Coolant Canister first. To get one, you need to defeat Coolant Raknoid, a medium-size Raknoid that can be found in Orb Vallis. Coolant Raknoid usually follows Exploiter Orb, which roams around the Temple of Profit in Orb Vallis. Once you find and defeat Coolant Raknoid, you will be rewarded with Coolant Canister. Use the item to seal a Thermia Fracture by interacting with the Thermia Fracture.

After interacting with Thermia Fracture, you must defend Coolant Canister from Corpus troops. The sealing process takes three minutes, and once sealed, the blue Coolant Canister will fill with orange Diluted Thermia. You can continue to fill the canister by repeating the process, which will also generate event points.

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If you manage to accumulate 50 points during the event, you will obtain the Amalgam Organ Shatter Mod. The mod is the Organ Shatter Amalgam variation, which increases critical damage while reducing the time needed to charge a Heavy Attack. It is a rare mod, and you need 930 Endo to max it out.