Warframe – DNS Lookup Failed Error Explained


Warframe is a great game, but it can have some issues from time to time. Like all games, Warframe has a lot of moving parts, and sometimes players will run into error messages. One current problem is the “DNS lookup failed” error that is currently affecting some players.

Warframe – DNS Lookup Failed Error Explained

According to the Warframe website, DNS (Domain Name Service) is a web service that translates a website’s name into its numeric internet address. When Warframe attempts this step in the connection process, your system is unable to communicate correctly.

The causes for this issue can include a problem with your Internet Service Provider’s DNS servers, or an incorrect proxy/VNP configuration.

They advise the following steps to try and resolve the issue:

  • Reboot your computer or console
  • Restart your modem and router

They also propose contacting your Internet Service Provider if the “DNS lookup failed” error persists. In this particular instance, I don’t know if the issue is on the user end. The reason for this is the simple number of people that seem to be affected. When I attempt to log into the game, I get the “DNS lookup error,” but I am still able to log in to the game. Where it gets strange is that I log into a complete private instance. When I go to Cetus or Fortuna, there are no other Tenno around.

I suspect this is an issue with the game at the moment, and to hang tight until Digital Extremes have a chance to investigate and potentially fix it. I will update this article with any breaking news around the issue.