Warframe – How To Use A Warframe Emote, Complete The Expressive Nightwave Challenge

Today’s Nightwave Challenge in Warframe is to use an Emote! Sounds pretty simple, but not something people who are new to the game will instantly know. In this guide, we will run through how to find and use an Emote. Also, it seems you need to use the Emote in either a social area or a mission, doing it on your ship won’t count! Remember, Emotes are strictly visual, and have no in-game effect. They are, however, a fun way to kill time while you wait for that last Excalibur to get to extraction.

How To Use Warframe Emotes


If you go into your Arsenal, you will see the Emotes section down at the bottom. This is the place where you can assign certain emotes that you would like to use to your Emote Wheel. The Emote Wheel is just like the gear wheel. Simply click on an empty section and a list of your Emotes will pop up, then you can assign one to the section. Your Emote Wheel will have some Emotes in there by default.

Emote Prompt

To use the Emote in-game, hold the button you usually use to open up your gear wheel. This is Q by default on PC, and down on the D-pad on PS4 and Xbox One. On the right of the screen, you will see a button prompt to switch to the Warframe Emotes Wheel. Hit this button, choose which Emote you would like to use, and you are good to go.

A little note for PC users here: If you want to change the keybinding for the Gear Wheel, and subsequently the Emote Wheel, it is called “Item Popout” in the Keybindings menu.

So there you go Tenno, now you know how to use a Warframe Emote you can get this challenge wrapped up in no time.