Warframe: Everything New in The Seven Crimes of Kullervo Update

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo is a Warframe update that adds loads of new content to The Duviri Paradox, including a new Warframe.


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The Seven Crimes of Kullervo is an update to The Duviri Paradox that improves the game’s latest expansion in many ways. Everything about the experience in Duviri will be heightened, and there are now even more reasons to play around in the open world located there. This guide outlines everything that’s new in the update, including patch notes and new gameplay details.

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All Warframe: The Duviri Paradox Walkthrough Guides

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In this section, we’ve outlined every guide we’ve created for Warframe’s The Duviri Paradox. This will help all players master the new region and game mode so they don’t need to struggle with the introductory story, mechanics, or new items available to purchase and craft.

Everything That’s New in The Seven Crimes of Kullervo Update in Warframe

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In this section, we’ve outlined all the new content added to Warframe with The Seven Crimes of Kullervo update. Almost all of this is exclusively available in The Duviri Paradox, which requires players to complete a short introductory story before the rest of the open world can be accessed.

15 New Decrees

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo adds 15 new Decrees to The Duviri Paradox for players to pick up as they complete side activities, defeat enemies in the Undercroft, and explore the islands of the open world. This will make for a more diverse experience and allow players to create new builds to master the islands of Duviri as they search for the new Warframe locked away there.

New Prison Island & Side Activities in Durvivi

A new island has been added to Duviri. This prison is home to a warden that some players might recognize and holds a new Warframe for players to unlock the blueprints of. There are also new side activities, such as Kaithe Racing, Tome Recovery, and Retrieving Lost Belongings.

Kullervo Warframe

Sealed away on the new prison island is the Kullervo Warframe, a brand new Warframe for players to unlock in Duviri. It uses daggers to impale enemies and exact vengeance on those that have wronged it. This Warframe is built for heavy melee combat, making it very different from most of the one’s players have become accustomed to using. Its abilities are as follows.

  • Passive: Whispers of Vaenn – Increases all Kullervo heavy attack efficiency and speed.
  • Wrathful Advance – The TAP attack is a heavy attack that Kullervo teleports to its target to perform. The HOLD ability will see Kullervo teleport where the player desires.
  • Recompense – Kullervo is surrounded by daggers. Every dagger hit restores health, but every miss damages Kullervo.
  • Collective Curse – Kullervo sends out a curse to bind enemies. Any cursed enemy that takes damage causes all cursed enemies to take a portion of that damage.
  • Storm of Ukko – Kullervo rains down a storm of daggers upon its enemies.

New Undercroft Missions

Players can tackle new missions in the Undercroft via portals that were previously sealed in Duviri. These pit players against a new boss and offer better rewards for a greater challenge. Players will need at least seven Decrees to access them, but that won’t be a problem for those who have delved into Duviri’s depths.

Time-Limited Event: Kullervo’s Hold

Between 12 PM ET on June 21 until 12 PM ET on July 5 a time-limited event called Kullervo’s Hold will be available to play. This window makes it guarantee that players will be able to get to the new island and boss fight so they can access the Kullervo Warframe. Following the event, the island will appear during any Sorrow, Fear, or Anger spirals in Durviri.

New Customization Options

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo features a few new sets of customization options, including the Orizu Suit Collection, additional Kaithe Customizations, and the Guass Kresnik Collection. Finally, there are also new TennoGen items to acquire that can be used to create a very special Warframe that other players will envy.

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo Update Patch Notes for Warframe

The patch notes for Warframe: The Seven Crimes of Kullervo can be found on the official Warframe website. We’ve covered almost all of the details in these patch notes above, though there are a few new market packs and customization options that we haven’t explored. All players that want to see these should dive into the patch notes to explore what they could get for their Warframes.