Warframe – How To Get Finishers, Complete The Executioner Challenge


Image via Digital Extremes

To complete the Executioner daily challenge in Warframe, you will need to get finishers. Finishers are incredibly strong melee moves that will pretty much one-shot anything in the game. When the right weapon is equipped, with the right mods, they become incredibly powerful! Thankfully, to finish this challenge, all you will need is a melee weapon and some low-level enemies.

How To Get Finishers

Finishers are special melee moves that you can get when you are behind an unaware enemy. The enemy needs to be completely clueless to the fact that you are there. If you get a finisher on one enemy, and another enemy is within earshot, you will not be able to get a finisher on that enemy.

As you can see in the above picture, once you are behind an enemy who is not aware of you, you will be prompted to hit the melee button to perform a stealth attack. This is a finisher, and will rapidly dispatch your enemy.

The easiest way to get finishers is to use stealthy Warframes. Ash, Loki, and Ivara all work very well, as they allow you to easily get behind an enemy while not being detected due to their stealth abilities. You can also use a Warframe like Excalibur, as Radial Blind will open up enemies to a finisher. Or Inaros, who can use the classic move of kicking dust in their eyes using his first ability, then stabbing them.

Hints and Tips For Finishers

Here are some useful hints and tips to keep in mind when going for finishers to complete this daily challenge.

  • The enemy level doesn’t matter, so you can easily complete this challenge on Earth.
  • A finisher performed with a dagger and the Covert Lethality mod is a guaranteed kill, regardless of enemy level.
  • Finishers performed within line of sight, hearing range, or near another enemy means that the enemy that witnessed it will not be open to a finisher.
  • You can complete this challenge across different missions if you don’t want to farm it.
  • Some enemies can never be open to finishers, such as Rollers, Ospreys, Cameras, and Turrets.