Warframe – How To Fight And Kill The Exploiter Orb

Take on the Exploiter Orb.


Warframe the Exploiter Orb is a large boss fight that you can have on Orb Vallis in Warframe. In this guide, I will show you how to start the fight, and how to kill the massive mechanical monster. It is a fun fight but can be frantic in places. Make sure you bring your best Warframes and weapons because doing a lot of damage quickly is essential.

How To Start The Exploiter Orb Fight

Deck 12

To begin the fight, you need to head out onto Orb Vallis. You will want four people for this, as it is quite a difficult fight first time around. Now, head to the mountain marked on the map above, and go down into the cave.

You will come to a security door that you need to hack. The solution is already there for you, as this was solved by the community scanning Data Hashes throughout the last few days. Head on down the tunnel until you arrive at a destroyed home the people of Fortuna had to leave behind.


Now, jump up on the platform on the left-hand side, towards the furthest end of the abandoned town. You will find a lever there that you can pull which will start the fight!

How To Kill The Exploiter Orb

This fight happens over a couple of different sections, so prepare to duke it out with this boss for a little while. First, the Exploiter Orb descends into the cave, clinging to the walls and gloating at you. Shoot the rocks under its feet to make it drop down into the cave. Move around behind it, and shoot one of the barrel-shaped vents at the back.

Now, it will head for the back of the cave, and you will be able to see that some of the vents on the back and sides are iced up. To both the left and right sides of the town you will find machines that are pumping out canisters of Thermia. You need to pick these up and throw them at the vents. It takes a couple of them to melt the ice, and throwing them is a little awkward. Just wait for the Orb to settle, then chuck the canister. As the canister flies toward the vent, shoot it to cause it to explode, melting some of the ice.

Termia Canister

Once the ice has melted off a vent, you can destroy it. You will need to do this four times in total. While you are doing it, you will also be attacked by waves and waves of smaller spider bots, so be sure to take them out!

Once all four vents are destroyed, the Exploiter Orb will make a run for Fortuna, as she wants to destroy it. You need to run back out the tunnel you came in, and fight her on the ice fields of Orb Vallis.

Outside section

During this portion, you need to stop the smaller Coolant Raknoids from being able to run to her. She is slowly overheating, and they will cool her down. They mostly come from four directions, so have your team split up to cover all angles around the Exploiter Orb. I found it best to stick close to the Exploiter Orb, as the Coolant Raknoids need to get quite close to be able to help her, and it allows you to react quickly when you see one. You need to be careful, as the ground all around you will be exploding, and the Exploiter Orb will do various area-of-effect attacks as well.

You can use Coolant Canisters dropped by the Raknoids to seal the fractures that explode from the ground during this phase. When they are finished, you can pick them up, hurl them at the boss and shoot them to cause her to overheat faster.

Once she reaches maximum heat, she will fall over. Run to her, and a small animation will play where you rip off a side panel, exposing a weak point. Pour damage into the weak point and then prepare to repeat the process.

Once you have done this twice, the third time you do it you will be able to rip the Exploiter Orb’s head off, then hit the final weak point to kill her. After that, just collect your loot, because your work here is done! Do make sure you grab that loot, as this boss drops parts for the new Hildryn Warframe!

Once you finish this fight for the first time, you can then go to Eudico in the backroom at Fortuna to launch it again, as many times as you like.

Hints And Tips

  • A well modded Arca Plamsor will one-shot a Coolant Raknoid up close, and possibly a few more behind it.
  • The Orb Exploiters legs don’t seem to do real damage if they hit you, so it is safe to stay close, but don’t go under the body as it will slam the ground and kill you instantly.
  • The Coolant Raknoid can cool the Orb Exploiter a huge amount if you let them, so make sure you take them out before they can!
  • Overall, the Exploiter Orb doesn’t have a huge health pool, so if it takes a little while to get at the weak spots, don’t be discouraged.
  • Tanky Warframes and hard-hitting weapons are the way to go on this fight. The Exploiter Orb does a considerable amount of damage.
  • Bring ammo restores! This can be a very long fight.