Warframe – How To Easily Complete The Day Trader Nightwave Challenge


Warframe’s Day Trader Challenge for Nightwave wants you to win three Index wagers in a row, with the enemy teaming scoring no points in at least one of those games. It sounds more complicated than it is, but with the right tactics, and Warframes, this is a piece of space-cake.

Warframe – How To Easily Complete The Day Trader Nightwave Challenge

Everyone wants to shoot stuff, so the easiest way to achieve this is to play a strong Warframe and take control of defending your own objective. The Index aim is to kill enemies, then bank the points that they drop in the form of glowing green crystals. But for this challenge, you also need to stop the enemy team from scoring any points in at least one game.

Because someone on your team is bound to die, the best way to approach it is by just picking a strong defensive Warframe, bringing a solid shotgun or hard-hitting weapon that is going to one-shot enemies, and camping your own goal.

The best Warframe is almost certain Limbo; his Cataclysm will make it impossible for the other team to bank points. You can also bring something like a Frost or a Gara who have perfect ways of stopping the other team or slowing them down considerably. In all cases, it’s a good idea to mod for a solid range, to increase the trouble spots you can create for the NPC team.

You want to pick the easiest level of Index to do this challenge, as it will be over quicker and enemies are easier to handle. You should also keep in mind that you need to play all three games in a row if you extract then you will lose your progress.

If you are struggling with this one, get into the Recruiting chat in-game, and find a group of people who also want to do it, make sure that at least one of you is willing to play as a goalkeeper. When you are defending, it is tempting to try and bank any points you pick up from attackers that make it through your teammates but resist the urge. Just stay looking after your own goal, and let your teammates do their jobs and bank the points you need for the win.

And that’s it. It isn’t tough if you have the right Warframes for the job. And remember, if you get scored on in the first game you have two more to try and keep the other team scoreless. Just dedicate yourself to the defense while the rest of your team racks up those points.