Warframe – How To Farm Akjagara Prime Relics


Warframe has seen the release of new Prime, and when that happens you know it means new Prime weapons as well! Up this time, the Prime Akjagara are a pair of burst-fire pistols that just happen to be festooned with rather sharp looking blades. It is a weapon that mostly focuses on Slash damage, which is still king of the hill concerning damage types. That might not always be the case, as we have been promised and upgraded damage system at some point, but for now, it is still one of the most worthwhile damage types to build into.

How To Farm Akjagara Prime Relics

To get your hands on Akjagara Prime, you will need the following Relics:

  • Meso M2 – Link
  • Meso A1 – Barrel
  • Neo S9 – Blueprint
  • Axi L3 – Receiver

Axi and Neo Relics can both be farmed quite easily on Xini (Eris), and Hieracon on Pluto. Hieracon is slightly faster and also doubles up as a Cryotic farm. You can even score quite a bit of Endo while doing this farm, which is worthwhile for people at just about every stage of the game. Hieracon is a favorite spot for farming though, so when you join another group be sure to have a chat with them about what they are doing, as this will avoid any issues if one person wants to stay much longer than everyone else.

For Meso Relics I like the Void Capture missions. It takes no time at all to just run to the capture target, burst them down, and then make your way out, allowing to farm this multiple times in quick succession. The chance of getting a Neo relic is also pretty good. You shouldn’t have much issue farming up all these Akjagara Prime Relics.

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