Warframe – How To Farm Khora

Khora is the latest Warframe to arrive in game. The Beasts of the Sanctuary update arrived on PC today, and with it, the feral and vicious Khora Warframe. She is accompanied by her Kavat Venari, and together they prowl the battlefield, bringing ruin to their foes. Khora combines strong area of effect abilities and crowd control to provide heavy wave clear on her missions. Of course, to play Khora, you need to know how to farm Khora.

How To Farm Khora

To get your claws on Khora, you will need to play the new Sanctuary Assault mode, which can be found at Cephelon Simaris on any relay. Khora’s part will drop on the following rotations:

  • Rotation A – Chassis – 8.33% drop chance
  • Rotation B – Neuroptics – 7.69% drop chance
  • Rotation C – Systems and main Blueprint – 5.64% drop chance.

That’s it! To get your hands on Khora, just play Sanctuary Onslaught until you have all the pieces you need.

Khora’s Abilities

Whipclaw – Khora cracks her whip, dealing damage and causing Status Effects on all enemies within range.

Ensnare – Khora lashes out with her whip at an enemy, encasing it in living metal. While trapped, the target is completely disabled, and the metal can pull in nearby enemies.

Venari – Khora summons her loyal companion. Venari can damage enemies, protect Khora, or even heal allies.

Strangledome – Khora uses her living chains to create a dome around her. The dome will bind all enemies within range and any enemies that pass through. While they are captured by the chains, enemies take damage each second.

That is just a quick run down of Khora’s abilities, and everything you need to know about how to farm Khora. I will have a much more detailed guide for her as soon as I farm up all the parts and get them built! Best of luck tracking down Warframe’s new crazy cat lady!

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