Warframe – How To Farm Tiberon and Kronen Prime Relics


Tiberon Prime is a Tenno assault rifle that comes with semi-auto, fully auto, and 3-shot burst firing options. It is the first weapon in the game to feature this kind of fire mode option. The Kronen are a pair of bladed Tonfas. They were originally designed by a fan during the Community Melee Weapon Contest.

Tiberon Prime Relics

The important thing about farming for Primes is knowing which relics to look for. The following relics contain the various components you need to build a Tiberon Prime, and the rarity of the component.

  • Axi O2 – Tiberon Prime Blueprint (Uncommon)
  • Meso T1 – Tiberon Prime Barrel (Rare)
  • Meso O2 – Tiberon Prime Receiver (Common)
  • Meso T2 – Tiberon Prime Stock (Rare)

Kronen Prime Relics

To get your hands on the Kronen Prime, you will need the below Relics. Remember, you need two Handles, and two Blades, to be able to make the weapon.

  • Axi H3 – Kronen Prime Bluprint (Common)
  • Axi K2 – Kronen Prime Blade (Rare)
  • Neo B4 – Kronen Prime Handle (Uncommon)

Tiberon and Kronen Prime Relics Farming

When it comes to farming the relics themselves, my favorite missions are as follows.

  • Lith – For Lith relics I really like the Everest mission on Earth. It is an Excavation mission, so you can invest as much time as you like, then leave when it suits your squad. Working well as a team also means you can have two, or even three, extractors going at the same time. After farming this for about twelve rounds last night my squad ended up with four Lith S7 relics.
  • Meso – Io on Jupiter will always be one of the best options for Meso relics. The first two rounds of this Defense mission have a high chance to drop Meso relics, then you can just extract and restart. Bring good area of effect damage frames to make this a breeze.
  • Neo – Hydron on Sedna is a solid Defence mission for Neo relic farming. You should be able to grab a Neo Relic on the first and second rotations quite easily.
  • Axi – For Axi Relics, I like to farm Hieracon, due to the extra credits and Endo you can also get.

Having already gotten to use to Tiberon Prime I can tell you, this is a fun weapon! I haven’t gotten all the parts for the Kronen yet, but I look forward to slicing and dicing some enemies with them. If you need help with other aspects of Warframe, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.