Warframe – How To Get The Dual Ichor, And Why People Want It


The Dual Ichor was a constant companion of mine in Warframe a few years back. They were a powerful weapon, absolutely superb at slicing through enemies. Everything changes, and for a long time the Dual Ichor kind of fell off the map until one brave Tenno reminded everyone of just how much damage they can do.

How To Get Dual Ichor

I figure we will cut to the chase in this guide, but the real fun comes after, so be sure to read on once you know how to get this weapon. You can get the Dual Ichor from the Bio Lab in the Dojo, and the weapon needs to have been researched by the Clan. If your Clan already have it researched, you can just purchase the Blueprint from the Bio Lab, then build it in your Foundry.

You will need the following resources to build it;

  • 30,000 Credits
  • 4 Mutagen Mass
  • 1200 Circuits
  • 15,000 Salvage
  • 1 Forma

Why People Want It

In times gone by, the Dual Ichor was a lethal weapon in Warframe, at one point being considered the top tier melee weapon in the game for damage output. Those days were all but over until a lone Tenno out there decided to remind everyone that the Dual Ichor still had some serious teeth. It all started with Twitter user Mura Casardis posting a clip of themselves absolutely mincing the Wolf of Saturn Six using the Dual Ichor.

The Wolf has been showing up in people’s missions and taking a long time for most players to deal with. He is incredibly tanky, but Mura just eats his lunch in the clip below. They were then nice enough to post a link to their build, and explain how exactly they were able to generate so much damage with the weapon.

This was then covered in a video by Youtuber Tactical Potato, and now lots of people are looking to try out the Dual Ichor build in question, specifically as a way to help them deal with the dreaded Wolf of Saturn Six.

The real important point to note here is that Mura takes advantage of the Naramon Focus Skill Tree, using the Void Stalker skill to increase their crit bonus by jumping into the void in Operator Mode and letting their crit bonuses build up. They also mod the Dual Ichor to do Radiation damage, which is the most effective damage type against the pesky Wolf.

Stuff like this is why I absolutely love the game, and the Warframe community. There are so many builds, and ways to do things, that stuff like this shouldn’t be a surprise, but it always is. Well done Mura and thanks for showing the rest of us Tenno to never rest on our laurels. It is always possible to do even more damage.