Warframe – How To Get The Pathocyst


The Pathocyst is a new Infested Glaive weapon added to Warframe with the most recent stage of Nightwave Series 2. The Pathocyst is a thrown weapon, but you can also use it to strike with standard melee attacks. The Pathocyst has innate Viral damage and a high-status chance. The weapon does considerably more damage when thrown.

How To Get The Pathocyst

To get the Pathocyst, you need to farm it from the new Zealoid Prelate boss fight. This fight is in the Emissary Derelict Assassinate Missions. You can find them on planets hosting Infected Outbreaks. You will need a Zealot Derelict Key to get access to the fight. We have a full guide covering how to get to the Zealoid Prelate fight.

The Pathocyst consists of three parts: two blades and the subcortex. You can find these dropping from killing the Zealoid Prelate, and they all have an equal chance to drop at 33 percent.

Pathocyst Stats

The Pathocyst stats are as follows:

  • Attack Speed 0.667
  • Channel Cost – 5
  • Channeling Damage – 1.5x
  • Critical Chance – 15 percent
  • Critical Multiplier – 2.1x
  • Damage Block – 35 percent
  • Leap Attack – 82
  • Spin Attack – 410
  • Status – 30 percent
  • Wall Attack – 246
  • Impact – 17
  • Puncture – 15
  • Slash – 21
  • Viral – 29

Thrown Stats

  • Critical Chance – 15 percent
  • Critical Multiplier – 2.1x
  • Status 30 percent
  • Impact 35
  • Puncture 29
  • Slash 37
  • Viral 184

So there you go Tenno, everything you need to know about the Pathocyst weapon in Warframe, how to get it, and how it will perform in the game.