Warframe – How To Mark Mods Or Resources (All Platforms)


Warframe’s daily challenge from Nora Night is a pretty easy one, but like all things, it is only accessible if you know how to do it. Nora wants you to mark mods or resources, five times, while in a mission. Thankfully, mods and resources drop all the time, so you should be able to wrap this one up in a single mission.

How To Mark Mods Or Resources In Warframe

The first thing you need to do is cause the mods or resources to drop so that you can mark them. To do this, kill enemies, looks around for the large clusters of resources (the large rubedo rocks, morphics, etc.) or open chests and lockers. Once that it is done, move your reticle over the mod or resource, then press the button listed below, depending on your platform. It is the same button you always use to place a waypoint in the game.

  • PC – hit the G button on your keyboard.
  • Switch – hit the up button on the D-pad.
  • PS4 – hit the left button on the D-pad.
  • Xbox One – hit the right button on the D-pad.

Now, to get this challenge done quickly, there are a few things you should know. It might be best to unequip the vacuum mod from your Sentinel if you use it. The mod will dramatically increase the range at which you pick things up, so it might pull in the items you want to mark.

Even if items do get pulled in, some of them will still give off a small beam of life on the ground, unless all other players have also picked it up as well. This means you should still be able to mark the item if you are lucky.

That’s about it! Everything you need to know to mark mods or resource in Warframe. Best of luck, Tenno!