Warframe – How To Use Look Link And Mod Link


How you look, and what your build is like, are essential in Warframe. Since the game first launched, people have shared their favorite builds to take on certain challenges, and the FashionFrame game is a long-established part of the fun. In a recent update, Digital Extremes added to the ability to link how your Warframe and weapons look, and how you have built your various Frames and weapons, directly to the chat.

Warframe – How To Use Look Link And Mod Link

Warframe Look Link

To use Look Link, you go into the Appearance tab for the Warframe or weapon you wish to link. In the top right corner, you will see a blue Link Icon. Clicking on this will automatically populate a [Look] command in your currently active chat window. After that, all you need to do is hit enter in chat and people will be able to see not just how your Warframe looks, but also the various parts you use from attachments and your Syandana to the color boards you have used as well.

Anybody who wants to will be able to instantly click on the components to purchase them for themselves, as long as they are available from the market.

Warframe Mod Link

For Mod Link, it works the same way except you need to be in the Upgrade tab for the Warframe or weapon. The link button is once again in the top right-hand corner.

Look Link and Mod Link make it a breeze to share your builds with other Tenno, so there is no longer a need to list all the parts and various mods in chat. Just use Look Link and Mod Link to instantly let people know exactly how you have built your Frames.