Warframe – Ignis Wraith Build 2019

The Ignis Wraith has been top-tier in Warframe for a long time now. It is not a thinking Tenno’s weapon, as it merely fires a massive burst of flame at enemies. It is perfect for rapidly cutting through large groups, however. It does inherent Heat damage, but like all weapons can be modded to output other elemental types. It also combines solid Critical Chance and Status Chance, making it suitable for taking on all kinds of enemies.

Warframe – Ignis Wraith Build 2019

Ignis Wraith

I have used this Ignis Wraith build for quite a while. I have never felt any need to change it up, regardless of the enemies I am fighting. The Ignis Wraith is not a boss fighting weapon but is one of the best in the game for clearly out mobs, even at higher levels. You do want to back it up with a hard-hitting secondary weapon for good single target damage.

Heavy Caliber, Serration, and Split Chamber all provide general base damage buffs, while Vital Sense ups the damage of the Critical Hits the weapon generates. While some people use a Mod to increase Critical Chance, I prefer to go with the Malignant Force Mod to add more Toxin to the mix and increase the Status Chance. I find that to be more useful in higher-level content.

Infected Clip and Stormbringer combine with the Toxin from Malignant Force to increase the Corrosive damage the weapon does, making it excellent at cutting through Grineer armor.

Finally, I like to run Speed Trigger for a few reasons. First, it gives a general DPS increase because of the increased rate of fire. It also means you get increased chance of Critical Hits and increased Status ticks as well. This choice makes it a great mod to put on your Ignis Wraith.

This build will one-hit anything on the star map, and easily cut through enemies up to about level three Sorties. You will need five Forma to get a build like this running, but it is worth it.