Warframe – Important Tips For Fishing On Orb Vallis

Fishing on Orb Vallis is slightly different to fishing on the Plains of Eidolon. In this guide, we will go through the various things you need to know to improve your fishing experience on Venus. Understanding the subtle aspects of fishing will increase how many fish you count, your resource farming, and your Standing gain.

You Need A New Fishing Spear

First things first, while you can fish on Orb Vallis with your old fishing spears, they can damage the fish. On Orb Vallis we are not catching real fish. Instead, we are fishing for automated drones that live in the various bodies of liquid that you can find on Venus. These Servofish will be damaged if you ram a regular fishing spear through them, so you want to get the new Shock Spear. These can be purchased from The Business on Fortuna, using Solaris Standing.

When using the Shock Spear, you aim and fire it at the fish as usual, but when it hits, you enter a small minigame. Wait until the indicator is in the middle of the little red bar, then fire the spear again. This will shock the fish, allowing you to pull it to shore.

Understanding Bait

On Orb Vallis, you do not need bait to have rare fish spawn. While they can spawn all the time, bait will increase the instance of these spawns. As such, if you have no bait, you can still fish for the rare breeds, but it may be a bit hit and miss. Baits are also a little different on Orb Vallis, as you do not buy a recipe for them. Instead, you buy one shot Baits that will cause specific fish to spawn, under the right circumstances. Make sure you read all Bait descriptions carefully before using them. Once again, you can purchase Bait from The Business on Fortuna.

Finding Fish

On Orb Vallis, as already said, we are not after real fish. These little robot creatures don’t breath, so air bubbles on the surface are not a thing that alerts you to their presence. Instead, you need to look for an oily sheen on the surface instead. If you are using Bait, you want to throw it at this area for it to work. Luminous Dye will also still work on Orb Vallis, allowing you to see the fish more easily.

Hot And Cold

Much like the day/night cycle on Plains of Eidolon, fish on Orb Vallis will be affected by the temperature. Some fish prefer hot weather; some prefer cold weather. Different fish will also spawn in different areas of the map. Below you will find a list of the various species of fish, the climate they prefer, and where they spawn. Species that are affected by a specific Bait will also be marked as such. Check out the below list pulled from the always awesome Warframe Wiki.

  • Coolant Reservoir Lake, the large lake directly west of Fortuna:
    • Echowinder (common in warm weather)
    • Kriller (common in warm weather)
    • Sapcaddy (common in cold/freezing weather)
    • Longwinder (rare in warm weather, Longwinder Bait)
  • Landlocked bodies of water (ponds) scattered around Orb Vallis:
    • Eye-Eye (common in warm weather)
    • Tink (common in cold/freezing weather)
    • Brickie (common in warm weather)
    • Recaster (rare in cold/freezing weather, Narrow-Spectrum Bait)
    • Tromyzon (rare in cold/freezing weather, Tromyzon Bait)
  • Caves with active bodies of water found in Orb Vallis:
    • Scrubber (common in cold and warm weather)
    • Mirewinder (common in cold and warm weather)
    • Charamote (rare in cold and warm weather, Charamote Bait)
    • Synathid (rare in cold and warm weather, Synathid Bait)

This guide should set you up for some successful fishing on Orb Vallis, Tenno! If you need help with other aspects of Warframe, be sure to check out our GUIDE HUB!