Warframe – How To Get Mag Prime and Nova Prime Relics


The Prime Vault has opened! For a limited time, you can once again farm for Nova Prime Relics, and Mag Prime, in Warframe. If you want these Primes, then you will need to gather up the relevant Relics to get the Blueprints. Getting all the correct Blueprints will allow you to build the Warframe in your Foundry.

What Relics Do You Need

Below you will find a list of all the Relics you need. There are only four relevant Relics this time, and they all contain parts for both Warframes.

  • Lith M2 – Nova Prime Neuroptics/Mag Prime Blueprint
  • Meso B3 – Nova Prime Systems/Mag Prime Chassis
  • Neo N9 – Mag Prime Neuroptics/Nova Prime Chassis
  • Axi S4 – Mag Prime Systems/Nova Prime Blueprint

Unlike normal Prime farming, these Relics can be farmed from Bounties on Cetus and Fortuna, and from the Void.

  • Lith M2 – Cetus Tier 2/Fortuna Tier 2/Hespit in the Void.
  • Mose B3 – Cetus Tier 3/Fortuna Tier 3/Ukko in the Void.
  • Neo N9 – Cetus Tier 4/Fortuna Tier 4/Ukko in the Void.
  • Axi S4 – Cetus Tier 5/Fortuna Tier 5

You may need to run a lot of missions to get all the Relics that you need because once you have the Relics, you need to run specific missions to open them, and they may not drop the pieces you want. The best thing to do is make sure you are in a full squad that all have the same Relic. Make sure they are all upgraded to the relevant level to give the best chance of dropping what you need. This can be done at the Relics console on your Orbiter. This will provide you with the best possible chance of getting what you want, as all members in the squad will have an opportunity to have it drop, and everyone else can choose to take it if it does.

If you need help with other aspects of Warframe, be sure to check out our GUIDE HUB!