Warframe – The Pyrus Project Guide


The Pyrus Project is an event that sees players working with Steel Meridian in an attempt to rebuild the lost Relays. Relays are shared social spaces where Tenno can visit NPCs, interact with different factions, and trade with Baro, the mysterious trader from the Void. The event places the player right on the front lines, trying to help Cressa Tal to build the Relay, and trying to stop Sargus Ruk and the Grineer from stopping them.

How To Take Part In The Pyrus Project

To take part in the event, download the update, and there will be a message waiting for you in your inbox. Attached to the message will be a blueprint for the Relay Struct Component, this is important, and we will come back to it later. Now you are all set up to take part in the event.

There are four steps that you need to complete to finish this event.

Contribute Pyrus Essence

The first step is to contribute Pyrus Essence. We have a full guide on how to do this, so I would suggest reading up on that if you need to. It is not difficult though; you need to perform missions on Earth, Saturn, Mercury, and Ceres. While in missions on these planets, an Essence Carrier might spawn in. If they do, kill them and capture them, then finish the mission as usual. You need to contribute thirty of these Essences at the Relay Reconstruction Site on Earth.

Defeat The Grustag Three

The Grustag Three are doing what they can to try and stop the rebuilding process, and it is your job to kill them. They can potentially spawn during any mission that is higher than Level 3 on Earth, Saturn, Mercury, and Ceres. You do not need to be marked by them to have them spawn. Just kill them all when they show up, and you will need to do it three times!

Complete a Simaris Daily Synthesis Task

Cephelon Simaris is still collecting data and will need more than ever for the new Relay. Visit him on one of the existing Relays and accept a daily task from him. Once you have completed the task and handed it in, this step will be complete.

Construct Five Relay Struct Components

You will need to complete five Struct Components for the Pyrus Project. To do this, you can use the blueprint you received with the initial message, go to your Foundry, and it will be there for you. These require Tremebera Essence, which will drop from enemies in missions on Earth, Saturn, Mercury, and Ceres during the event. You can do any mission you like, although missions that spawn lots of enemies are a better choice for this step.

Once you have all the Pryus Essence and Struct Components handed in at the Relay Reconstruction Site, you should be good to go! This event runs for about two weeks, so you should have plenty of time to do it. It is just available on PC at the moment but will be coming to consoles soon. There is no Mastery Rank limit on the event so that all players can participate.

Complete the event will get you access to the new Strata Relay. There are also rewards from the event that will be given out when it is over, but at the moment it is not known what they are. If you need help with any other aspect of Warframe, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.