Warframe – Quatz Build 2019 (Five Forma)

The Quatz is a dual-fire secondary weapon that was added to Warframe in update 25.4.0. It can fire from the hip in automatic fire mode, or you can aim down sights to fire a four-round burst. Automatic fire will have a higher status chance, while ADS fire will net you improved critical statistics.

Quatz Build 2019 (Five Forma)

Quatz Build Mods

There are a couple of build options for this weapon, but after trying it out and ranking it up, I decided to go for an odd mix of Mods that will improve flat damage, status, and critical statistics. At first, I felt that I would only be using it in one fire mode, but both have their place, and bringing a weapon like this into a mission should only be done when you plan on taking advantage of what it offers, which is adaptability. With this setup, the auto-fire mode is excellent for stripping down Disruptor bubbles, while the burst fire will stand up reasonably well against heavily armored enemies.

Hornet Strike, Augur Pact, Barrel Diffusion, and Lethal Torrent are all there to add flat damage and base DPS improvements. You will want the increase fire rate offered by Lethal Torrent for the burst fire mode. Primed Pistol Gambit and Primed Target Cracker are used to improve the critical chance and critical multiplier stats. Because the weapon has innate Electrical damage, we only need Pathogen Rounds to change that to Corrosive to help with heavy armor. I also use Jolt, which brings more Electrical damage and improved Status chance as well.

Is The Quatz Worth It?

It is not a bad weapon, but it is also not top-tier. Taking it against level 130 enemies wasn’t a nightmare by any means, but weapons like a well modded Catchmoon can do so much more damage, too far more targets. If you want something that offers adaptability, then it’s an option, but if you know what you will be fighting, you can pick better options from your Arsenal. Thankfully, it is not a weapon that makes me feel like I wasted my time with the Forma, and at Mastery Rank 9, it is well worth looking at if you only recently started playing the game.