Warframe – How To Get Somatic Fibers, And The Lua Lens

To the moon.


Somatic Fibers were added to Warframe in Update 25.7.0. The Somatic Fibers tie into another item added in that update in the form of the Lua Lens, an even more efficient way for Tenno to farm Focus. The good news is, both of them can be found in the same place, although by different means.

How To Get Somatic Fibers

You can get Somatic Fibers by playing the Disruption node on Lua, Apollo. According to the game’s updated drop tables, the Somatic Fibers have a 15% chance to drop from the following enemies:

  • Demolisher Anti Moas
  • Hyenas
  • Machinists
  • Bursas

These are, generally speaking, the enemies that spawn and go after the Conduits. As such, if you are farming as a group, then make sure you mark any drops for other players to find. A lot of people set up Conduits before teammates are in position, which is fine because this node is pretty easy, but if other people are there to farm Somatic Fibers then all good Tennos will mark those resource drops when they find them.

Somatic Fiber drops chances will be affected by things like Resource Boosters, Smeeta Kavat Charm, and can be further generated by any Warframe ability that forces a drop table reroll, like Nekros’ Desecrate, Pilfering Swarm, or Pilfering Strangledome.

How To Get A Lua Lens

The Lua Lens is gotten from the same node and has a 10% chance to be given as a rotation reward on Tier C Rotations. As such, while you are farming to get the Lens, you are also farming to get the resource you need to build it, which is a nice bit of foresight from Digital Extremes.

And that’s it, you build the Lua Lens in your Foundry, the same as all other items, and then attach it to the weapon or Warframe you wish to farm Focus with, just like all other Lens. You will need an Eidolon Lens and 5 Somatic Fibers to craft the Lua Lens, along with 25,000 Credits. It has a 24 hour build time.

The Lua Lens will convert 3.25% of excess Affinity into Focus points, making it by far the most effective Lens in the game for Focus farming.