Warframe – How To Use A Stalker Beacon

In Warframe, a Stalker Beacon is used to force a Stalker spawn during a mission. The Stalker will normally spawn at random if you have recently killed a boss, but the Stalker Beacon will guarantee that he spawns, regardless of previous mission activity. Stalker Beacons can normally be purchased from Baro Ki’Teer for 125,000 Credits and 200 Ducats. A recent Dev Stream on Twitch included a drop for a Stalker Beacon, so you may have one in your inventory if you watched it.

How To Use A Stalker Beacon

To use a Stalker Beacon, go to your Arsenal, select Gear, and place it in your Gear wheel. When you are in mission, select the Gear Wheel, pick the Stalker Beacon, and it will call in the Stalker. You may only use one Beacon per mission, and cannot use it if any other player in your squad has used one in that mission.

You cannot use the Stalker Beacon in Assassination missions or in Syndicate Alert missions, Archwing missions or Free Roam areas like the Plains of Ediolon and Orb Vallis. It should also be noted; if you call in the Stalker and then he kills you, he will leave the mission before you get a chance to kill him. The Stalker is an assassin, and once he has slain his target, he will leave. If you call in the Stalker be sure that you play safe.

His abilities and drops will vary depending on where you are in the story of Warframe. If you have completed the Second Dream quest, then the Stalker becomes much tougher, but can also drop better items.

What Does The Stalker Drop?

The Stalker can be a tough enemy for new players but is a pretty trivial opponent for players who are in the endgame. He does, however, drop some fantastic weapons, so is very much worth killing when you get the chance.

The Stalker can drop Blueprints for the Dread bow, Despair secondary, and the Hate melee weapon. If you have completed the Second Dream quest, he can also drop the War and Broken War melee weapons.