Warframe – What Is Stunning Speed?


In Warframe, Stunning Speed is a mod that increases both Reload Speed and the status effect chance of a pistol. The effect of the mod is dependent upon what Rank you infuse it to. The values for both stats, at different ranks, are as follows;

  • Rank 0 +10% Reload Speed/+2.5% Status Chance
  • Rank 1 +20% Reload Speed/+5% Status Chance
  • Rank 2 +30% Reload Speed/+7.5% Status Chance
  • Rank 3 +40% Reload Speed/+10% Status Chance

How To Get Stunning Speed

The mod can be obtained by doing Nightmare Mode missions, and can also be gotten from Alerts. Nightmare Mode missions will replace a normal mission node on the Star Map for a short amount of time. They are challenging and come with different modifiers that can affect both enemies and players. Nightmare Mode missions only drop rewards upon completion of the mission. Alerts are random events that occur daily in Warframe. They normally take the form of a standard mission, of any level difficulty, but may require more time to be completed. Survival missions need to be done for 10 minutes, Extractions require 400 Cryotic to be farmed etc.

How Useful Is Stunning Speed?

The Status Chance buff from this mod is largely considered to be inconsequential, due to the existence of Dual Stat mods in the game. Dual Stat mods will provide both an increase in damage for a specific element, and a percentage increase in Status Chance. They are popular mods for people looking to create powerful builds, and have largely replaced some of the older mods. Stunning Speed can be stacked with other reload speed mods to dramatically increase the reload speed of a weapon.

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