Warframe – The Vigor Mod, And Why You Want It


In Warframe, Mods can be added to your Frames in order to make them more powerful. They can increase your movement speed, ability power, health and shields, as well as many other aspects of your Frame. One of the big draws for many players is the ability to experiment with different builds. This allows them to explore different styles of play with the various Frames in the game. One such Mod is Vigor.

What Is Vigor?

Vigor is a mod which increases both the health and shields of the Warframe it is equipped to. At Rank 0 it will offer an extra 20% health and shield capacity. At Rank 5 it will offer an extra 120% health and shield capacity. This is a substantial buff, and it can be a great mod to use on Frames that have a largely equal split between health and shield. It is far less beneficial on Frames such as Nidus and Inaros, who have no shields at all.

The buff is based on the base health and shields of the Frame at Rank 0, much like the Vitality and Redirection mods.

Warframe - The Vigor Mod, And Why You Want It

How To Get Vigor

Formerly a reward for Operation Arid Fear, the mod can now be obtained from Alerts, or by completing Nightmare Mode missions. It may also be traded between players in Dojos or Maroo’s Bazaar. Alerts for this mod are reasonably common, and while the mod is classified as Rare in game, it is not particularly difficult to get.

The mod also has a Primed variant, which is only available to players as a login reward, after 400 consecutive days. The Primed Vigor mod is incredibly rare, and cannot be traded between players. At max rank, the Primed Vigor mod will provide a 220% buff to health and shields.

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