Warframe – Where To Find The Vent Kids On Fortuna


Vent kids! They live in vents, don’t you know! They are also mischevious youngsters. Without parents to control them, all they do is crawl around vents, stealing things they need to build K-drives! The good news is, they are willing to make our K-drives look all kinds of rad.

Where To Find The Vent Kids On Fortuna

Finding the Vent Kid clubhouse is only obvious once you know where it is, just like a lot of other things in Warframe. To find out where the Vent Kids live, head for the shop owned by Legs. You should know where this is from the very first mission on Fortuna. Jump up to the second floor, and you should be able to see a brightly colored vent with a mischievous looking kid sitting on it. Interact with the vent, and you will find yourself in their hideout.

Vent Kids Hideout
Vent Kids HideoutTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Vent Kids have their own Standing, which you can gain by pulling neat tricks on your K-drive. They are very happy to make new cosmetics for your K-drive, and you can also buy new parts from them for a pretty reasonable amount of Platinum, Warframe’s in-game currency. Like all factions, they have a vast array of items that you can buy from them with Standing, and you can use these to build yourself new K-drives! As always, whether you use Standing to purchase the parts as they become available, or use your Standing to rush towards max rank is up to you, and your preferred playstyle.

It also appears that the Vent Kids have some form of racing league, but at the moment this seems to be bugged on PC. We will keep you updated on what this all entails as soon as those issues are fixed.

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