Warhammer 40K 9th Edition Codex Release Schedule 2021

Further details for your favorite army.

Image via Games Workshop

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Warhammer 40K 9th Edition has been met with generally positive feedback from the Game Workshop community, and as always people are eager to get their hands on the new Codex bugs for their preferred factions. While all armies can be played with the core rules, the factions truly come to live with a Codex, adding extra lore, rules, and units to the game.

The Codex rollout for 9th Edition has been a little rough, largely down to the world wide pandemic that is still negatively impacting Game Workshop’s ability to supply stock to store. The vast majority of release dates have been pushed, and the same applies to Codex books.

Truthfully, Game Workshop are still getting the books out at a decent pace, it is just unfortunate that so many early books have been Space Marine and specific Chapter oriented. In a way, it makes sense, Space Marines are quite strong in the competitive meta at the moment, so getting out rules for specific factions there would appeal to competitive players.

When is the next Codex?

At the moment, we simply don’t know. Codex Drukhari was the most recent release, and we hope to learn more about upcoming releases this week during Warhammer Fest 2021.

All 9th Edition Codex release dates

  • Codex Necrons – October 10 2020
  • Codex Space Marines – October 10 2020
  • Codex Supplement Deathwatch – October 31 2020
  • Codex Supplement Space Wolves – October 31 2020
  • Codex Supplement Blood Angles – December 5 2020
  • Codex Death Guard – January 23 2021
  • Codex Supplement Dark Angles – February 6 2021
  • Codex Drukhari – March 27 2021
  • Up next ???