Wasteland Tycoon Codes (March 2023)

Who’s going to build the Thunderdome?

Image via Roblox

In a world that’s gone through an apocalypse and left as only a wasteland, it is up to you to build a base and conquer the new domain. In the Roblox game Wasteland Tycoon, you have the opportunity to carve out a realm for yourself, build up a stockpile of weapons, armor, and vehicles, and set out to reclaim the lands for yourself.

To help you do that, you can use codes to get free rewards that will help you get ahead and develop your domain and base even further. In this article, we collect all of the working and expired codes for Roblox Wasteland Tycoon.

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All Roblox Wasteland Tycoon codes list

Roblox Wasteland Tycoon codes (Working)

These are all the working Roblox codes for Wasteland Tycoon.

  • 1klikes — Rewards: temporary +20% income boost.
  • Release — Rewards: $10,000
  • Dragonfly — Rewards: temporary +20% income boost and a free skin.

Roblox Wasteland Tycoon codes (Expired)

These are all expired codes for Roblox Wasteland Tycoon.

  • There are currently no expired codes for Roblox Wasteland Tycoon.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Wasteland Tycoon

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Wasteland Tycoon.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. Open Roblox and launch Wasteland Tycoon. 
  2. Click on the Twitter icon found on the left side of the screen.
  3. A new window opens that allows you to enter and redeem codes.
  4. Copy and paste or enter the working code into the Type Your Code Here… field.
  5. Press the green Submit button to confirm and redeem your free code and get the reward.

How to find more Roblox Wasteland Tycoon codes

To get more codes for Wasteland Tycoon, you should return to this guide to check for updates and if any new codes have been added. Besides that, you should also follow the game’s social media accounts, such as REDD’s Wastelands Roblox Group, as well as the StudiosRedd Twitter account. That way, you’ll be able to keep up with the news about the game, stay in touch with the community, and get new codes early.

Why are my codes not working in Roblox Wasteland Tycoon?

Codes may not work for a few different reasons. For example, you might have spelled the code wrong, missed the correct caps, or left a blank space that shouldn’t have. Copying and pasting codes from the list directly into the text box is the best and easiest way to avoid these mistakes. Besides that, codes expire over time, so you could be trying to redeem a code that has already expired. Also, codes are normally one-use only, and you might be trying to enter a code you’ve already redeemed.

What is Roblox Wasteland Tycoon about?

Wasteland Tycoon is a Roblox experience set in a post-apocalyptic world with tycoon-style gameplay. This includes setting up a base, the infrastructure to produce income, vehicles, and weapons to reclaim the wastes, and more. It’s up to you to build up and explore, then fight bandits and other players to earn rewards and progress your compound even further. If you keep at it, you can become the ruler of the wasteland.