Week 2 Mythic Reward Guide for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Another week, another level cap increase for items

Image via Blizzard

We have officially started the second week for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Season 1, and as promised, level caps are increasing for Mythic dungeon rewards. Let’s get into the changes.

Week 2 Mythic Dungeon Rewards

The item level for rewards on End-of-Dungeon loot has officially increased to 207 for Mythic 10 through Mythic 14. This is an increase of 4 levels from last week’s 203 limit. Mythic 15 dungeon completion will get you item levels of 210, which is only 3 levels below finishing a Castle Nathria raid on Heroic difficulty.

Mythic rewards increase by certain intervals for each additional Keystone. A quick reference list for levels and rewards is included here:

  • Mythic 2: Item Level 187
  • Mythic 3: Item Level 190
  • Mythic 4-5: Item Level 197
  • Mythic 7-9: Item Level 200
  • Mythic 10-14: Item Level 207
  • Mythic 15: Item Level 210

Week 2 Great Vault Rewards

Your rewards obtained through opening the Great Vault remain unchanged from Week 1. Item levels scale up through 226 for Mythic 14 and Mythic 15. Remember to go through as many Mythic dungeons as you can if you want more chances to unlock something from the Great Vault, because you will earn three separate item chances for completing one dungeon, then a fourth, and finally, a tenth.

The schedule remains the same: you can access these rewards after the next weekly reset. Here’s a reminder of how the Great Vault Rewards will scale as you complete more Mythic dungeons:

  • Mythic 2: Item Level 200
  • Mythic 3: Item Level 203
  • Mythic 4: Item Level 207
  • Mythic 5-6: Item Level 210
  • Mythic 7: Item Level 213
  • Mythic 8-9: Item Level 216
  • Mythic 10-11: Item Level 220
  • Mythic 12-13: Item Level 223
  • Mythic 14-15: Item Level 226