What Are Buddy Hearts In Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO

With the new Buddy Adventure system in Pokémon GO, you may have noticed the revamped Buddy Profile page, and the buddy hearts. These buddy hearts measure the affection you earn from your buddy each day. You can receive the following number of buddy hearts each day, for a total of 10.

  • Walking together, two kilometers, up to three times a day – up to three hearts
  • Giving your buddy a treat – up to three hearts
  • Playing together – one heart
  • Battling together in a trainer battle, or at a gym – one heart
  • Take a snapshot of your buddy – one heart
  • Visit a new place with your buddy by spinning a new Poké Stop – one heart

If you increase your Buddy’s mood enough, you can have them become excited and earn twice as many hearts that day.

However, you can also purchase a Poffin for 100 gold, which doubles the number of hearts you can earn that day in each category, for a maximum of twenty hearts. This allows you to rank up your buddy level faster. The Poffin makes your Pokémon Buddy excited for six hours, so make sure you only use them when you are sure you will be able to earn all twenty hearts within that time.

You need the following number of hearts to level your buddy up through the different levels:

  • Good Buddy – requires one heart
  • Great Buddy – requires 70 hearts in total
  • Ultra Buddy – requires 150 hearts in total
  • Best Buddy – requires 300 hearts in total

So, to get to the rank of Best Buddy, you will need to earn 10 hearts a day for 30 days, or 20 hearts a day for 15 days.