What are high-value targets in Marvel’s Avengers?

One step closer to the iconic suit.

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In Marvel’s Avengers, you need to finish objectives to earn some valuable rewards in the game. This is the same for Spider-Man, which will require you to take out high-value targets. They also show up for weekly challenges too. But, who are they and where can you find them?

Spider-Man’s mission chain asks you to recover location coordinates by defeating three High-Value Targets. You can find four or five of them within the Corrupted Vibranium: Enter The Avengers mission at the Eastern Seaboard. Go up the street until you find the yellow AIM building. You’ll then see some black and white icons on-screen with a skull emblem. Follow them until you find the high-value targets you are looking for.

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The Monotronic Exo can be pretty tough to deal with, so make sure you strike at the opportune moments and dodge whenever your Spidey-sense sparks red. Then, follow up with a skill like Think Fast or Double Fire to counter after evading your opponent’s powerful move.

Once the battle is finished, go check the Objectives tab on your menu. You should now have Step 6 Family Matters, which has you talking to Liz Allan in the Ant Hill. If you finish the mission chain, you’ll gain an iconic suit, hero set gear of legendary quality, the Spider-Man 033 uncommon nameplate, and player experience,