Marvel’s Avengers: Full Spider-Man skill tree

The web-head has quite a few tricks up his sleeves.

Image via Square Enix

Spider-Man has finally swung into Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation consoles, and he boasts a pretty versatile moveset consisting of fast strikes, webbed attacks, and acrobatic stunts. As you level up Spider-Man, you’ll be able to use skill points to add further depth to the web-slinger’s arsenal of moves. Here’s every skill Spider-Man can learn in Marvel’s Avengers; any skills available from level one are in bold.

Light Attacks

Spider-Man’s light attacks are primarily melee strikes that incorporate the superhero’s agile nature. This upgrade path features flashy flip-kicks, leg sweeps, and strong aerial attacks.

  • Spider Skirmish (Light Attack)
    • Take To The Sky (Signature Attack)
    • From Up High (Aerial Signature Attack)
  • Arachnid Agility (Light Sprint Attack)
  • Think Fast (Light Dodge Attack)
  • Turn Your Back (Light Attack)
  • Predator Instincts (Light Attack)

Heavy Attack

Spider-Man’s heavy attacks see the superhero use his webbing to deal out massive damage by either propelling himself at high speeds towards enemies or by tossing them around while they’re webbed up.

  • Far Reach (Heavy Attack)
    • Web-Pull (Power Attack)
    • Web-Slam (Aerial Power Attack)
    • Backfire (Aerial Power Attack Upgrade)
    • Web-Whirlwind (Power Attack Upgrade)
    • Rapid Spin (Power Attack Upgrade)
  • Spidersault (Heavy Sprint Attack)
  • Double Fire (Heavy Dodge Attack)
  • Spider’s Grasp (Heavy Attack)
  • Web-Repeater (Heavy Attack Upgrade)


It’s only natural that Spider-Man has a few ranged options, given his webs. You can use Spider-Man’s web-shooters to break through enemy defenses, and spending your points on this upgrade tree will not only increase the number of webs you can fire off but also boost their effectiveness.

  • Web-Shooters (Ranged Attack)
    • Upgraded Web-Cartridges (Ranged Attack Upgrade)
    • Improved Web-Fluid (Ranged Attack Upgrade)
  • Web-Blast (Ranged Power Attack)
    • Web-Spread (Ranged Attack)
    • Web-Tether (Ranged Attack)

Intrinsic Ability

Spider-Man’s Intrinsic Ability is Spider-Sense, which warns you about incoming attacks. You get a damage resistance buff when you successfully dodge an attack using Spider-Sense. This upgrade path features increases to Spider-Man’s perfect evade window, along with new types of takedowns for Spidey to perform.

  • Spider-Sense (Intrinsic Ability)
    • Saw That Coming (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
    • Predictive Moves (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
  • Wreckage (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
    • View From Above (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
    • Spider-Stamina (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
    • Harder They Fall (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
  • Quick Reflexes (Light Attack)
  • Web-Counter (Heavy Attack)

Support Heroic Ability

Spider-Man deploys an automated Spider-Drone that shoots webs at enemies. Upgrade the drone to increase its targeting capabilities, battery life, and firepower.

  • Spider-Drone
    • Multi-Targeting (Support Heroic Upgrade)
    • Battery Life (Support Heroic Upgrade)
  • Specialization I
    • High Emissions
    • Medical Attention
    • Defensive Stance
  • Specialization II
    • Efficient Output
    • Class Clown
    • Special Delivery

Assault Heroic Ability

Spider-Man unleashes a Web-Bomb that blasts enemies back; it’s a good way to deal with crowds. Upgrades here further improve the ability’s crowd control capabilities.

  • Web-Bomb
    • Fully Charged (Assault Heroic Upgrade)
    • Take Two (Assault Heroic Upgrade)
  • Specialization I
    • All Webbed Up
    • Web-Retraction
    • Stuck On You
  • Specialization II
    • Cobwebs
    • Supercharge
    • Extra, Extra!

Ultimate Heroic Ability

This ability creates a wrecking ball of webs that also provides a damage resistance buff, alongside a buff to your damage output. Upgrades here will add further damage buffs to Spider-Man’s attacks or debuffs to enemies.

  • Wrecking Ball
    • Rapid Recharge (Ultimate Heroic Upgrade)
    • Silk Strength (Ultimate Heroic Upgrade)
  • Specialization I
    • Spider-Signal
    • Web Brawler
    • Spider’s Nest
  • Specialization II
    • Speedy Recovery
    • Spun Up
    • Extra Wind

Movement Ability

As mentioned before, Spider-Man is quite agile, and that’s reflected in his movement abilities. Many of these actions see Spider-Man crawling, flipping, and swinging all over the place.

  • Evade (Evasion Ability)
    • Springing Step (Evasions Ability)
  • Wall Crawl (Movement Ability)
    • Wall Run (Movement Ability)
  • Web-Swing (Movement Ability)
    • Web-Zip (Movement Ability)
    • Web-Launch (Movement Ability Upgrade)
Image via Square Enix

Melee Mastery

  • Melee Upgrade I
    • Hit The Sky
    • Critical Chance
    • Lights Out
  • Melee Upgrade II
    • Spider Sting
    • Brute Force
    • Blown Away
  • Takedown Upgrade
    • The Big Apple
    • City of Dreams
    • New York’s Finest

Ranged Mastery

  • Ranged Upgrade I
    • Increased Web Capacity
    • Caught In a Web
    • Sharpshooter
  • Ranged Upgrade II
    • Blast Range
    • Not Going Anywhere
    • Web-Trap
  • Ranged Upgrade III
    • Greater Impact
    • Penny Pincher
    • Making Distance

Webbed Status Mastery

  • Webbed Status Upgrade I
    • Web-Attack
    • Web-Stun
    • Wall Web
  • Webbed Status Upgrade II
    • Web-Shot
    • Critical Web
    • Web Longevity
  • Webbed Status Upgrade III
    • Web Recovery
    • Web-Sense
    • Web-Head

Intrinsic Ability Mastery

  • Intrinsic Upgrade I
    • Perfect Counter
    • Counter Stun
    • Web-Counter
  • Intrinsic Upgrade II
    • Intrinsic Recovery
    • Web-Charge
    • Intrinsic Reserve
  • Intrinsic Upgrade III
    • Spider Might
    • Spidey Defense
    • Overcharge Boost